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John Chuckman


This October, Trump Will Try to Start a War with Iran

Trump undoubtedly has come under pressure from Israel and the Israel Lobby concerning the failure of the Syrian project.

This is not pressure easily shrugged-off because Israel has a direct pipeline to many influential Senators and Congressmen, the very people making the legislative life of Trump a nightmare.

Destroying Syria was one of Israel’s beloved projects, much as was the invasion and destruction of Iraq, handed them by Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush.

Well, now that it is pretty clear that they will not get their way, for the most part, in Syria, I’m sure there is intense pressure to make things good with still another beloved project going back years, destroying or badly damaging Iran.

For people like the late murderous Ariel Sharon, this was the Holy Grail of Mideast Projects, and he more than once spoke of it.

You see, Iran is a competitor – actually the only competitor – for regional hegemony, and Israel hates them for that fact. Ironically, the war crimes committed in the invasion of Iraq had the unintended result of actually improving Iran’s regional geo-political situation in some ways.

Israel’s non-stop hatred for Iran, judging from statements of Israeli political figures, has nothing to do with fear of being attacked by Iran or anti-Semitism, those being flimsily plausible arguments regularly put-up by Israel.

Iran would never attack Israel unless it were attacked first, and there is no evidence of any especially great anti-Semitism in Iran, tens of thousands of Jews living there peacefully, much to the consternation of Israeli ideologues.

Well, the one propitiating sacrifice for the failure of Syria Trump could make that would be acceptable to Israel would be Iran.

Trump, the man who so far has failed in virtually his every effort, may just think war on Iran could provide a huge political success. We can be sure that the daily phone calls from Tel Aviv are full of whispered suggestions to that effect.

And, of course, the Democrats, still after Trump’s presidency through non-stop attacks about non-existent deals with Russia and other fantasy nonsense and avoiding the need to deal with their immense internal political failures, would also welcome war with Iran.

They have been, after all, for some decades the true war party, and the long rampage through the Middle East by Obama, assisted by Hillary, was their gift to the world with at least half a million people killed and millions made homeless.

It is a very dangerous time.

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