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John Chuckman


Nikki Haley Warns UN Against Inaction in Wake of Iranian Rocket Launch

The woman is simply a moron.

But I’m sorry to say that puts her in good company with a huge part of the American government.

The truth is that, over time, all people like Nikki Haley achieve is gradually convincing the world’s people that the United states has nothing worth saying.

The only people who think Nikki Haley is cool are senior members of the Israeli government.

And, surely, we all know what a great part of the world’s people thinks of them.
Response posted to a reader who accused my comment of displaying anti-Semitism and went on to praise Nikki Haley in terms only a weird American Christian gun-nut type could fully appreciate:

And that’s more than pretty ignorant. It’s totally ignorant.

There is no anti-Semitism in my words. Only an observation about senior Israeli government officials, who are regarded by millions and millions as war criminals.

And the last time I noticed Israel was a country, not a religion.

Nikki Haley has made speech after speech about Israel and the needs of Israel and accusing the UN of prejudice.

She often sounds more like the Ambassador for Israel than the one for the US.

I have no idea why she is stuck on that theme, but she clearly is, and it is bizarre to any objective listener.

Saying that isn’t prejudice, it’s just plain observation.

You had the “honor” of meeting her? That sure impresses me. I suggest you share this wonderful fact more widely. Perhaps a Facebook page on your meeting with Nikki Haley?

The woman is a loon. She strings together non-sequiturs in her laughable speeches like the one using Lincoln’s words from the Second Inaugural Address about America being mankind’s last great hope. That sounds laughable to the other 95% of humanity while you bomb the shit out of half a dozen countries and maintain an industrial-scale extrajudicial killing operation that makes the old Argentine Junta seem amateurs.

She almost makes Hillary look good. Now, that’s quite an achievement.

I think the description offered of her in a Russian publication, Russia Insider, was right on the mark. She resembles a Waffle House waitress. From the night shift. She talks like one too.

Talk about prejudice! Yours jumps out from the page. Who the hell cares what Haley’s religion is? I never asked. I never speculated, I never cared. I will never care.

Well, you do apparently. And what is that crypto-weird stuff about “converted”? Converted from what? Scientology? Jehovah’s Witnesses? Zoroastrianism?

What does being “converted” have to do with anything? Why would it interest anyone? You, my friend, have a rather odd sense of values.

And again, what the hell does it matter where her brother “served” or her husband? Does that somehow give her full blood brotherhood claims in the American empire? It’s irrelevant, totally, to anything. Indeed, it only tells me that some of Nikki’s mental deficiencies run in the family. Killing people in pointless imperial wars is called “serving”? And killing by “Christians”?

Irrelevant, except to Americans like you who pee their pants over details like that.

Oh, maybe you could give us her shoe size? It’s about as meaningful as the rest of your remarks.

But perhaps I write with a bit too much cynicism and even contempt – I confess to having contempt for publicly-displayed ignorance – when addressing someone who, my God, has actually met Nikki Haley!

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