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John Chuckman


In an exceptional episode, little-known and never acknowledged in the Western mainstream media, Israel secretly negotiated a billion dollar buy-out of North Korea’s missile export program to the Middle East. Negotiations ran between 1992 and 1994, when the US intervened to terminate the deal.

This is an interesting item of which I had not been aware.

It is in the same category, but not quite as spectacularly evil, as Israel’s special relationship with Apartheid South Africa.

Israel secured strategic mineral supplies and other materials they wanted and in exchange, South Africa received illegal aid in becoming a nuclear-armed state.

South Africa only had a small nuclear arsenal, said to have been half a dozen bombs or warheads.

South Africa’s nuclear forces were quietly dismantled after the fall of the Nationalist government.

There has always been a mystery about where the fissile material ended up, enough to make at least half a dozen bombs.

The man who knew, international weapons expert, Britain’s Dr. Kelly, was murdered around the time of the Iraq invasion.

He had been talking to BBC about the realities of Iraq’s weapons, and it was not welcome. Tony Blair stepped down hard on BBC at the time, and it has never recovered from his repression.

Kelly’s death was crudely made to look like a suicide, but people that knew him well said that that was impossible for several reasons, including his handedness.

The idea that his death was a Mossad operation to shut him up about the unknown whereabouts of South Africa’s fissile material is a strong possibility.

In any event, Israel’s dealing in nuclear proliferation is just a historical fact.

They never paid a price for the unholy business so far as I am aware.

The trade in nuclear weapons technology was Just one more bit of dirty dealing by the world’s genuine “rogue state.”

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