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John Chuckman


Europe is among the walking dead; their future is an Islamic one. America, had a CHOICE & voted to SAVE AMERICA & Elect Trump!

Oh, please, this is colossally ignorant.

Europe’s “mistake” is America’s fault.

American bombing created the flood of refugees.

Europe tried to be humane, but accepting different people of any kind in such huge numbers as America’s Neocon Wars created is always destabilizing.

The difficulties have nothing to do with Islam. It has to do with huge, chaotic movements of people, and when you speak of millions moving, you always include some criminals and mentally ill.

God, America’s own violence record – by civilians, by police, and on the highways – should convince you America’s own population is loaded with criminals and mentally ill people. You set records in the Western world, full stop.

I live in a place where we have many Muslims, and they live in peace and harmony. They are, without a doubt, some of our best migrants.

Garbage like this article just slanders good people.

Our murder rates are so low they make America’s look nightmarish by comparison.

Muslims are not your problem. Your national government bombing everyone is, but that’s just one more aspect of America’s home-grown violence, isn’t it?

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