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John Chuckman


What nuclear war between the US and North Korea might look like

Oh, please, now you are down to the level of comic books.

There can be no such thing.

The US has literally thousands of sophisticated thermonuclear (an important distinction) warheads in various forms deliverable by all many also-sophisticated systems from supersonic planes to short- and long-range missiles.

North Korea has somewhere between a half dozen and twenty fairly primitive nuclear weapons.

It claimed to have created an H-bomb (thermonuclear) but this isn’t at all clear, and if they did, its yield is poor as measured from their tests.

Their nuclear weapons likely resemble America’s early atomic bombs in being huge and awkward and not very sophisticated and with low yields.

North Korea has absolutely no really sophisticated delivery systems.

They have medium range missiles on which they might be able to rig one of their bombs. The target would be Seoul, South Korea, one of the world’s most populous cities and located a short distance from the border.

There are many clever people in North Korea, as they’ve proved with what a poor country has accomplished. They know all the details.

North Korea has no wish to commit national suicide.

Our concern should be America’s new aggressive bluster in a delicate situation requiring diplomacy.

Few readers perhaps realize that America never even directly speaks to North Korea. They don’t recognize them, and America has always refused to sign a peace treaty from the early 1950s war.

There is absolutely no diplomacy, and little intelligence, coming from America.

China and Russia, being neighbors, have a far better grasp of the situation. They are worth listening to on this matter. America is not.


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