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John Chuckman


Discovery of biggest dinosaur ever hailed by scientists as fossilised bones of Patagotitan unearthed in Argentina

I have been interested in dinosaurs since childhood.

And the truly remarkable thing over that period is the work of many, many scientists using ever-new technologies to change our entire understanding.

The reptile thesis passed away.

The bird thesis seems confirmed.

The variety of species has become immense, especially with discoveries in China and Argentina.

The whole idea of true gigantism has arisen, as with these Titanosaurs.

We’ve found everything from eggs and skin to feathers and organs. Just amazing.

The lessons of the period are, I think, first, the amazing fact that the inanimate universe retains its own history and that, second, technology just keeps advancing enabling us to discover that history.
Response to another reader speculating on what caused such a huge dinosaur to evolve:

It may have had something to do with evolutionary response to the size of their opponents too.

It is also in Argentina, they’ve discovered bigger-than-ever versions of the raptors.

Response to another reader discussing two different “tons”:

I believe we actually have three “tons.”

The short ton (2000 pounds) is the American measure. The just say “ton.”

The long ton (aka, the imperial ton – 2240 pounds) is the old British measure.

The tonne (French metric – 1000 kilograms – 2,204.6 pounds) just happens to be close to the imperial ton, but is a different measure.

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