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John Chuckman


North Korea threatens to strike US territory of Guam after Trump ‘fire and fury’ warning

Response to a reader who wrote: “It’s a good thing they didn’t elect Hilary, isn’t it? Because Trump’s supporters told us she was a warmonger. Whilst, six months in the job and Trump has been a real force for world peace. /sarcasm”:

True, but you miss something fundamental.

What Trump has definitively proved – especially after the Obama experience – is that it just does not matter who is elected as president.

The interests running America bend anyone who is elected to their purposes, and if they cannot bend them, they break them.

The last election offered a woman who already proved she worshipped at the throne of American war and empire and had done some real killing, for example, in Libya, versus an outsider who definitely gave some strong signals of doing a few important things differently.

He has failed, and badly. The failure is owing both to his own unexpected weaknesses and the non-stop assault of the American establishment trying to prevent his campaign signals – about peaceful cooperation with Russia and about wars in the Middle East – from ever becoming national policy.

Just like Obama, who, when he ran, seemed a pleasant, enlightened man, but ended by bombing half a dozen countries, killing over half a million people, sending millions more fleeing as refugees, and has the great distinction of having started the world’s first industrial-scale extrajudicial killing operation, putting the old Argentine Junta to shame in the scale of “disappearing” people.

The only reasonable conclusion about the United States to draw from these facts is that its barely-democratic, money-drenched political system is not capable of putting an elected official in real charge.

The military-security-corporate establishment controls the main direction of American affairs. It functions much like a giant corporate enterprise, only one armed with a thermonuclear arsenal and served by vast armies, both uniformed and covert.

Just reflect back on George Bush fils, the first certified moron president. He ran nothing, just signed papers and made stupid speeches.

Cheney and Rumsfeld – both deeply connected to the military-security establishment through their international corporate careers – were the ones deciding which papers to put in front of Bush for his signature.

Truly, talking about America today in traditional terms of this party versus that, this candidate versus that, being better or worse is close to meaningless.

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