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John Chuckman


Henry Kissinger warns destroying Isis could lead to ‘Iranian radical empire’

I’m surprised at Kissinger on this.

I’ve never liked or admired him, but his intelligence is not to be doubted.

This thesis, however, seems at about the level of an American Congressman or Nikki Haley.

Response to a comment about if only Iraq hadn’t been invaded:

Iraq was a disaster down to every last result. A colossal blunder whose full impact has yet to be realized. The idea of its likely boost to Iran’s influence in the region was offered by experts at the time but, of course, ignored by the Bush brain trust.

We had Israel’s incessant demands behind the scenes for American action there.

Just as they were major players in promoting and supporting the horror in Syria, an enterprise which now appears to have failed.

Today, we have Israel whispering in Trump’s ear regularly about Iran. A project long on Israel’s to-do list. Sharon used to blubber on about it.

Could old Henry be parroting the war criminal in Tel Aviv?

Quite possibly, after all, Israel really is a de facto American colony in the Middle East.

The most subsidized and over-protected colony on earth.

And old Henry has made much of his life’s work the support and promotion of America’s empire.

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