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John Chuckman


Donald Trump says US military ‘locked and loaded’ for North Korea
Plans ‘now fully in place’ if Pyongyang ‘acts unwisely’, President tweets


Response to a reader who said: “Lets not forget the American Generals who in the past have suggested dropping nuclear weapons on Vietnam and N. Korea before…not sure if they suggested anywhere else.”

The Pentagon madmen did a great deal more than that.

President Kennedy was presented a detailed plan by the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs for a massive first strike on the Soviet Union. He left the briefing, in his own words, feeling sick at his stomach.

They also developed plans for doing the same thing with Mao’s China.

Israel’s nuclear arsenal does not exist without all kinds of complicity, too.

And when Israel had a dirty deal with Nationalist South Africa to supply them help with their small nuclear arsenal (removed with the fall of the Nationalist government) in return for considerations in the supply of strategic materials and minerals, can anyone believe the CIA did not know?

There was even a totally secret joint Israeli-South African nuclear test in the ocean spotted by spy satellite.

Remember, before the pressure against Apartheid really developed a head of steam, the US protected and encouraged South Africa as a “bulwark against communism.”

Of course, America’s dropping two atomic bombs on civilians – with a series of a dozen cities actually on a list of planned targets – was one of the 20th century’s great atrocities.

But the bombing horrors of America go way beyond the nuclear.

At the last stages of the war with Japan, there wasn’t, by America’s own military assessments, a single primary or secondary target left standing in the country.

And much of it done with massive fire-bombings, making the final atomic bombings a gratuitous horror. Vast numbers of people died horribly without the atomic bombs.

The lessons learned by the Pentagon kept being applied. In Korea, the bombing was more horrific than we have ever been told by government. The Pentagon used carpet bombing of cities for three years. General Curtis LeMay bragged that the US killed twenty percent of the entire population of North Korea.

In Vietnam, the US killed an estimated 3 million with carpet bombing, napalm, and early cluster bombs.

Since they also bombed neutral Cambodia and destabilized it, they are surely responsible for the “killing fields” which followed and saw a million perish.

There have been dozens or smaller operations, but Iraq of course was another very large one. Cluster bombs were widely used, mangling children and others.

White phosphorus incendiaries were used, and the use of depleted uranium munitions has left the country with a cancer-inducing killer cloud of dust.

About a million died in Iraq, and after-effects are still killing, just as buried landmines and cluster bombs and a sea of Agent Orange are still killing in Vietnam.

Yes, indeed, they do love their killing at the Pentagon, but with all the media control and public relations efforts, a lot of people still do not understand how truly vicious their record is.

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