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Donald Trump says North Korea risks being ‘in trouble like few nations have ever been’
Rather than toning down his language President Donald Trump issues new threat against North Korean regime

Making ugly threats is not leadership, although it does pass for it in certain parts of America.

The real problem here is America, not North Korea.

Despite all the blizzard of propaganda from America, North Korea is a real threat to no one.

You live with a far more threatening thermonuclear-armed Israel, an Israel which practices slavery and theft, so what is your problem?

One of Obama’s former national security people just the other day said we can live with North Korea.

And it is true. Just ask Russia or China, both neighbors.

Only those directly under American influence approve Trump’s ugly threats and noises, trying to make it all sound like a universal chorus.

The idea of being “tough” being exhibited by Trump is stuff that only goes down with the loons on the alt-right – in trailer parks, motorcycle gang gatherings, tent-preacher crusades, and gun club meetings – all over America.

And since when is appropriate to communicate through the press rather than directly with the country concerned?

But I forget, America’s government simply refuses ever to even talk with North Korea or to recognize them and certainly never to sign a peace treaty with them. No, we’ll make our threats of thermonuclear annihilation through the press.

Truly, this is not a country fit to govern the world’s affairs.

America’s temporary position of being able to do so is a fluke of history following WW II, not a reflection on its innate national character or merit.

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