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John Chuckman


George W. Bush Was ‘Single Most Destructive President in U.S. History, Including James Buchanan’

Destructive he was indeed.

But most destructive in American history?

It’s hard to understand how anyone could write those words.

The most destructive, without question, was Lyndon Johnson.

Johnson started a gigantic and completely unnecessary war using cheap tricks. It would eventually kill something on the order of 3,000,000 Vietnamese and leave that land a horror zone of landmines and Agent Orange, things which are still killing.

Of course, the Vietnam War was also responsible for creating the conditions which led to the “Killing Fields” in Cambodia. That country’s neutral government was toppled owing to all the American bombing and incursions. Another 1,000,000 died.

Johnson also had the distinction of some kind of still-secret complicity with Israel in its 1967 War and the ferocious effort to sink the USS Liberty. There is no other explanation for this man’s mild reaction – and Johnson had a legendary temper – to Israel’s deliberate and serious act of war.

Johnson also has a documented history of election fraud. Robert Caro documented fraud in his very first election. And of course, there was more fraud in the 1960 Presidential election.

Johnson was a king-sized crook with piles of dirty dealings with the likes of Billie Sol Estes and Bobby Baker, dealings which without Kennedy’s assassination would have ended his career.

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