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John Chuckman



The new Saudi Crown Prince is just doing some dirty work for American-Israeli interests.

Indeed, many of his acts represent nothing but embracing the role of American-Israeli proxy.

In effect, he serves the same purposes as did ISIS (DAESH) or Al-Nusra.

The Saudis totally illegal war in Yemen, killing thousands of civilians, is of just the same nature as ISIS dirty work has been in Syria, except the activity comes under the title of a nation-state rather than a gang of (phony-jihadi) mercenaries.

The Saudis have now have had almost a secret alliance with Israel for years. They oppose it in nothing and support it in many things.

The very fact that the US would sell the Saudis such huge amounts of weapons as Trump has done tells the story without words.

Years ago, Israel and its American Lobby never would have tolerated such sales, and the sales would have been stopped.

Actually, such sales would never have even been started years ago, but today, they cause no outcry. Why? Because Israel knows the arms will serve its interests.

The Saudis have worked hard on destroying Syria with proxy, phony-jihadi mercenaries, a project which started as an Israeli project, just like America’s destruction of Iraq was an Israeli project. The Saudis have earned their spurs, as it were, and they did so again in Yemen.

Once, the Saudis were serious opponents of Israel’s behavior, but that all disappeared in the wake of 9/11.

The Saudi rulers were terrified of American reprisals after 9/11, even fearing an invasion, and they started bending over backwards for American interests, literally lying prostrate begging how they could be of service in the region.

Of course, the first expected new behavior related to the Saudi’s official attitude towards America’s Mideast colony. That behavior was changed rather drastically although little noted in our corporate press.

The new Crown Prince – who is taking over in almost a coup against his senile father and older Saudi interests – is the latest chapter in the post-9/11 saga. This is a Prince who championed projects like the dirty war in Yemen. He is Israel’s man.

Things have reached a point of Saudi Arabia secretly working in tandem on the kind of projects Israel expects in its quest to sterilize and dominate the Mideast, effectively an American-European culture replacing and ruling over the indigenous Arabs.

Only recently, Netanyahu was making very threatening noises against Lebanon.

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