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John Chuckman


U.S. Congress Split Over Whether Criticizing Israel Constitutes Anti-Semitism

The very lunacy of all this kind of thing grows from the kind of dark thing Israel, unfortunately, has become and the extreme feelings of some for the need to defend it regardless of what it does.

And it is lunacy because it is obvious you should be able to criticize a state, any state, for its behavior. And if Israel is to be a state just like any other state, its behavior must be subject to criticism.

But many Israelis and apologists for Israel think that that one state is somehow immune from all normal criticisms. What happened three-quarters of a century ago by one group of criminals in one corner of the world somehow confers special immunity upon Israel forever from all the norms of law and conventions and just plain decency?

But it is just so clear that that cannot be the case.

Shutting up criticism of terrible behavior is a license for endless terrible behavior.

Not a little unlike telling all the women speaking up about Harvey Weinstein’s crimes and abuses that they must shut up because they endanger his company.

Completely unacceptable.

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