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john Chuckman


“The digital war against Isis is being lost. What should be done?”

I have no idea how the author reached that conclusion. Or, indeed, what he really even means by it.

But I do know that concerning all of the ugly operations of ISIS, if you want them stopped, then you must stop them at source.

The creators, suppliers, and paymasters for ISIS have always consisted of Saudi Arabia, the United States, Israel, Turkey, Britain, and France, plus the odd other willing helper.

Yes, at certain times and places, these countries appear to oppose ISIS, but that is a highly opportunistic response to certain local situations and bad publicity.

It does not characterize the whole horrible mess.

Only the other day, the former President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, explained to people the way the United States is using and exploiting ISIS in his country.

ISIS is a tool. It is a proxy army of mercenaries, working against targets selected by its benefactors while playing the role of jihadi extremists. It certainly includes some extremist fools along the way who join something they don’t even understand, but they do not characterize It, nor do they control it, any more than an idealistic young American who joins the Marines controls that gang of professional killers.

ISIS gets used in one place until it no longer serves its purpose, then it gets used in another. Along the way, it provides such additional benefits as allowing security forces to identify all the would-be jihadis who respond to its Internet and other promotions. It also allows the corporate press and government to keep frightening people so that government can go right on doing the filthy work they have been doing.

Whenever and wherever it ceases to serve its purpose, it can be destroyed in a big show of America and its collaborators “fighting terror.” Such is the complete cynicism of the people in Washington and its allied capitals, people who manipulate world events and the destiny of nations and treat human lives as little more than this week’s load of trash to be put out.

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