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John Chuckman


Retired FBI Agent Accuses 9/11 Commission of Lying About Saudi Connections

This is crap.

Not that I like Saudi Arabia, but we’ve known for years that they used to pay big bribes to bin Laden to stay out of Saudi Arabia.

He was much disliked there although his family was part of the establishment.

The payments had nothing to do with attacking New York. Nothing.

Although interests like Senator Charles Schumer would very much like you to believe that they did.

The Saudis were in bed with establishment families like the Bushes and did them all kinds of favors over the years.

They had no motive whatsoever to attack the United States.

Besides, nothing could be clearer from studying the facts than that those plane strikes alone could not possibly bring down the towers.

Whoever knew well in advance that those plane strikes would happen – and there was lots of time since those were elaborate plans for the plane strikes – used the event to bring down the towers with controlled demolitions.

The evidence is exceedingly convincing.

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