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John Chuckman


What a complete waste of airtime and effort your show was this morning.

Just one tired NATO propagandist and apologist after another with absolutely nothing to say that hasn’t been said a hundred times.

All of them taking as truth America’s complete dishonesty about Ukraine.

Have things now under Justin Trudeau reached such an impoverished state that we must be subjected to this kind of intellectual nonsense?

America spent $5 billion destabilizing Ukraine – we know the exact number from former State Department official, the ugly-mouthed Victoria Nuland – and generated a coup against an elected government.

That is where the aggression is, not in any Russian response, all of which have been reasonable and moderate.

America’s efforts support Nazi-like outfits like the Azov Battalion and several doubtful political parties.

The government installed is so incompetent it alienated all the Ukraine’s Russian speakers (a huge minority) and resulted in civil war in the East. It actually tried to suppress the Russian language.

Russia’s entire record in this whole extremely provocative business has been balanced and reasonable. It might easily have sent tanks and planes into Ukraine and over-run it in two weeks. It did not. It never threatened to.

And while it accepted the appeal of Crimea, following a referendum, to rejoin Russia (in fact, part of Russia since Catherine the Great), it has not become involved in Donbas, the much larger mess created by the idiot coup-created Ukrainian government. It has accepted refugees and it has sent humanitarian assistance. It has not even recognized the self-declared government of Eastern Ukraine, although it would not be an inappropriate to do so at some point.

Please, I thought the title of the show was “The House.”

You might well have headlined this show: “America’s Defense of Its Interference in the Affairs of Others.”

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