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John Chuckman


US-led war against ISIS is killing 31 times more civilians than claimed

Well, of course, we could start with the fact that America is largely responsible for ISIS and all of its horrors in the first place. The times it has actually fought ISIS involved opportunistic considerations, embarrassment by bad publicity, or changes along the way in its policy.

But, please, when has the US ever shown any concern for civilians in all of its ugly colonial wars?

In Vietnam? In Cambodia? In Somalia? In Libya? In Iraq? In Syria? Or in the genocides in Indonesia and Rwanda?

In North Korea during the early 1950s, American carpet bombing for three years was claimed by the Pentagon to have exterminated 20% of the entire population.

In Vietnam, at least 3 million people were killed for nothing.

America’s record, for those who care to investigate, is appalling.

Of course, the American corporate press rarely if ever hints at any of this.

The American government pats itself on the back in every speech for how good America is, for its values, for its humanity, etc. Every word of it, complete rubbish.

America, in fact, has killed many millions of people in the last half century. All of them needlessly.

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