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John Chuckman


“Biggest Shooting In US History And We Have All These Unanswered Questions!“

The behavior of officials and law enforcement around this event is bizarre.

It is not at all clear what information is being suppressed, but information is certainly being suppressed.

But such behavior by officials seems to have become something quite ordinary in the United States.

That’s because there are so many ugly things going on behind the scenes that when an event like this happens, it becomes necessary to keep some information suppressed.

I embrace none of the more extreme notions around the shooting, but official behavior smells to high heaven, something which of course itself promotes extreme and fantastic notions.

America quite literally has become a strange country where many things are not what they seem.

Perhaps the watershed event leading to what we see routinely now was the Kennedy Assassination.

It has never been explained, and even the release of recent “documents” leads only to the question of why such unhelpful junk, which is what it mainly is, was ever made secret in the first place.

Government’s ability to successfully cover-up the facts in the public murder of a president bolstered its readiness and ability to use the same approach over and over, especially now that America has become a global imperial power engaged in many dark activities, at home and abroad, not intended to be explained to anyone.

The United States is embroiled in so many unwarranted foreign wars and plots now, suffering many failures and “blowback” events, it has a good deal to hide at any given time, and its permanent shadow government, the establishment and its military-security supporters, has a completely successful record now of hiding things.

You name it: the lies around Vietnam, the lies around Flight 800, the lies around 9/11, the lies around the Neocon Wars, the lies around Syria, the lies around Russia, it just goes on and on, and there is no authority from which to demand clarification.

A Donald Trump has proved that even a hard-driving outsider cannot crack the protective shell in Washington. Instead he has become part of the entire operation.

This is just what happens when you become an imperial power that feels it owes no explanations to anyone for its acts, and least of all to its own people, when the powerful and wealthy establishment of a country adjusts to playing God, as America’s very much has.

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