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John Chuckman


54 Years Later, the Same Reasons to Assassinate a President Remain the Same


Kennedy was assassinated for a series of acts extremely hostile to the CIA and related power establishment interests.

He fired three top CIA officials, including the top of the house, a man regarded as a demi-god. He threatened further action against CIA. He compromised with Khrushchev on the Cuban Missile Crisis, promising not to invade Cuba and removing missiles from Turkey, and indeed established backchannel communications with him. He also began to establish backchannel communications with Castro. He also did not listen to Pentagon and CIA on immediately invading Cuba at the time of the Crisis, and a damned good thing since the Russian troops had armed Luna tactical nuclear missiles to protect themselves. Kennedy offended the Pentagon in these acts and further offended them when he signed executive orders the Pentagon did not agree with concerning Vietnam. Quite an anti-establishment load in 3 years.

Absolutely nothing of that kind is coming from Trump who, indeed, has demonstrated himself a coward when it comes to dealing with powerful elements of the establishment. You can’t name one act of his which in any serious way opposes those interests.

He has backed off time and time again, if indeed he was ever genuinely opposed in some matters as he suggested in his campaign that he was.

The CIA gets everything it wants. The Pentagon gets everything it wants. Israel, Washington’s most influential lobby, gets everything it wants.

Where’s the motive for his assassination? There is none.

He has proved an embarrassment to many with loud mouth and buffoonish behavior, but that isn’t the kind of thing which motivates powerful people to extreme measures.

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