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John Chuckman


“Do we really want Mark Zuckerberg to run the world?”

I think the answer is obvious to all but a few senior people at The Guardian who push his name and presence relentlessly.

The plain truth is that thoughtful people don’t even want him running Facebook, one of the most abusive and dishonest mass sites on the Internet.

And what a tiresome shtick he has with the gray t-shirts and the imploring hands, almost like a tent-preacher or carnival pitchman.

The very fact that this man of such limited achievements – limited, of course, not in monetary terms but in absence of meaningful contribution and downright honesty – is talked up as presidential material should tell us what a sad state American politics have reached.

But I suppose that it would make little real difference.

It is clear, from the examples of two extremes of temperament and political inclination, Obama and Trump, how insignificant is the person sitting in the Oval Office when it comes to “running the world.”

American policy is on a kind of automatic pilot run by the power establishment in Washington – American plutocrats and major lobbies assisted by CIA and the Pentagon.

No one can turn that around in our lifetime, but sometimes it is nice to have fantasies, fantasies like Obama’s first days or Bernie Sanders.

But Zuckerberg doesn’t even offer that. It’s like pretending a cartoon character can pose as a hero, a cartoon character, moreover, who is proved a shady one.

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