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John Chuckman


“The US sanctions bill is a timebomb for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin”

A genuinely obnoxious piece of Russia-phobia.

“In Russia, propaganda-generated hope springs eternal, and no more so than at the news agency Tass”

Sorry, but I look at Tass each morning, and I recognize no such thing.

The remarks of some Russians quoted are in no way more out of touch than remarks you may easily find from American politicians, American politics at this time actually resembling a form of barely organized insanity.

‘Europe is wising up to the fact that its sanctions policy against Russia is “senseless and futile”’

Well, first that quote is simply right. There is a long list of major figures in Europe who have spoken out against the aggression of sanctions, including major figures in Germany and Italy.

Second, sanctions are senseless.

Europe and the entire Western world are threatened by economic problems. Does any thinking person believe that it makes sense to cut down trade at such times?

The Great Depression was in part induced by American legislation, the Smoot-Haley Bill, which cut into trade out of American protectionist sentiment.

Today, America’s insane protectionist legislation takes a different perspective. It is designed to sever as much as possible the natural economic relationship between resource-rich Russia and industrial Europe, especially Germany.

The truth is that from a long-term economic perspective, this much resembles peeing against the wind.

Europe is effectively occupied by the US, and the US establishment very much wants to keep it that way.

American sanctions have nothing to do with Russian aggression, although that is the pretense. The simple fact is that there has been none. But America’s $5 billion coup in Ukraine against an elected government, including support for hideous fascist groups like the Azov Battalion, is genuine aggression.

Russia’s entire response has been calm and reasonable in response to an act which was the equivalent of Russia’s creating a coup in Mexico. And we know the exact amount spent owing to the State Department’s big-mouthed Victoria Nuland being overheard.

America has willing helpers in its new aggressive effort, helpers in the form of NATO bureaucrats and writers like Ms. Nougayrede.

But in the end, they will fail because economic rationality prevails.

Nevertheless, they can cause a lot of trouble in the meantime. And writers like Ms. Nougayrede will applaud them every step of the way.

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