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John Chuckman


The Scalp-Taking of Gen. Flynn

This is an excellent article on the FBI’s Flynn charges, a subject which has been wildly misrepresented and has generated the most sensational (and meaningless) headlines in the commercial press.

Sadly, this tells us how low American politics have sunk, and you sure do not have to be a Trump supporter to say that. I can’t imagine tales from the old USSR or from some third-world political hellhole that could be any more embarrassing or distasteful than what we’ve seen in America since 2016.

You have never had much of a democracy in the United States. You have money and special interests guiding affairs of a corporate/imperial state with an elaborate regular stage play of an “election.”

In the past, many corrupt and anti-democratic practices have come to light, but with this election a new low standard has been set on many fronts.

Complete corruption at DNC with stealing the primaries. Just in California, a million votes trashed. Record amounts of money spent, almost beyond ordinary imagination. An embarrassingly bad set of presidential debates. An almost constant stream of lies. A serious effort to overturn an election conducted under the rules, no matter how much you may disagree with the Founders’ anti-democratic provisions like the Electoral College. Ongoing dabbling and interference by the former president. Such disgraceful stuff as Bill Clinton’s tarmac meeting with the Attorney General, and no investigation or charges over abuse of office so obvious. An idealistic young man murdered on the street, undoubtedly over his role in leaking Democratic Party secrets, and no investigation worthy of the name conducted.

Perhaps it all reflects the record poverty of the American political institutions. Such a huge and powerful nation, and the best it could do was run two very unappetizing candidates. One a big-mouth, often rude buffoon, a man who has proved a coward. The other, a woman with an immense record of being caught in lies and with a great deal of blood on her hands.

Trump won only because of the intense dislike of Hillary on the part of many men and women. But the Democrats had to run Hillary because the Clinton money connections were so important to them.

The election actually added strong proof to the concept of America as a plutocracy. A record well-funded candidate who spent special-interest money like a drunken sailor could only be defeated by a multi-billionaire.

Obama seems to have skated over a lot of thin ice, too, with a number of arrogant behaviors, while his actual record both in local efforts and especially in bloody foreign affairs should make him a contemptible figure. At least half a million killed under his supervision, yet many continue to think of him as kindly, perhaps a good measure of how confused and bamboozled many Americans are. His post-election secret political work is totally inappropriate, too. He has shown himself a secretive, arrogant, unprincipled, and brutal man. Yet all the while we have the big boyish (psychopathic?) smile.

I think we’ve reached the stage in American politics where we can truly say, “anything goes.”

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