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John Chuckman


I cannot say how disheartening it was to learn that a lovely family from Sri Lanka who had lived for five years in Quebec was deported.

This family represents exactly the kind of migrants we need and want. They are industrious, intelligent, speak both of our national languages, and all had managed to fit in well where they lived. I don’t care about the technical details of their migrant history, they were exactly the kind of immigrants we should seek. Sending them away is shameful.

I have to say Prime Minister Trudeau is such an immense disappointment. I cannot imagine why he allowed this to happen.

But there have been a number of things from Mr. Trudeau that I cannot understand. Major arms sales to the killers of women and children in Saudi Arabia was sure one of them. If you preach to China about human rights, why on earth are the truly awful princes of Saudi Arabia an exception?

Sending troops and tanks to Europe also was regrettable act because the entire American establishment’s focus on Russia today is not based on any principle beyond keeping itself primary in Europe. We don’t have to give that a vote of confidence. What is going on is unnecessary and dangerous.

Mr. Trudeau’s complete turnaround on ballot reform was a major disappointment. He had campaigned strongly for it, and I took an interest because a couple of years ago I wrote Mr. Trudeau in Parliament and suggested that ballot reform should be a top issue.

Again, we had an outstanding person as Minister of Foreign Affairs in Mr. Dion, the kind of person I feel represents Canada and its values handsomely. But Mr. Trudeau dismissed this excellent and thoroughly decent man.

Mr. Trudeau’s appointment of Chrystia Freeland as Minister of Foreign Affairs is the closest he has come to aping Stephen Harper. She was a terrible choice, a clearly biased person, an unsympathetic person, a person whose tone frequently reminds me of some of the unpleasant Harperite appointments.

Well, all I can say is that I see mainly the superficialities of a politically-correct “niceness’ from this government, photo-ops and sound-bites, and remarkably little of the sweat and toil of working for what is principled and important, and I am sorry that that is so.

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