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John Chuckman


North Korea missile launch – live updates: Kim Jong-un regime holds wild celebrations after firing ICBM towards Japan

This is a remarkable achievement for small, fairly poor state.

It appears to have been a true ICBM and with a nose cone suitable for re-entry.

I think every nation that chooses has the right to develop missile technology. After all, space is going to be immensely important in upcoming decades.

And I am not aware of the passage in the Bible telling us that certain Western nations are permitted such technology, but others are not.

And whenever anyone opens the subject of threats, unless that person lists the United States first, his/her words are meaningless.

North Korea is not bombing anyone. The United States is bombing at least half a dozen countries.
Response to reader comment about shooting down such missiles:

It is doubtful the US can shoot it down.

Their anti-missile program is full of bluster and spends tons of money, but there is no solid evidence that it is dependably capable.

The only tests with success are tests with very unrealistic circumstances, and there are scientists who say that under realistic circumstances, the technology simply cannot handle the job.

I am sure the Pentagon is very reluctant even to try shooting down a North Korean missile, coming as it does, with the considerable risk of having the whole world witness their failure.

Of course, by foisting its anti-missiles off on other countries, the Pentagon effectively receives a subsidy for more work.

Also, we should keep in mind, when speaking of the anti-missiles America is now busy lining up near Russia and China, a concern Russia has clearly stated, that the tubes and facilities which house these so-called defensive anti-missile missiles may easily be converted to house very dangerous shorter-range offensive (nuclear) missiles.

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