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John Chuckman


Is Washington the Most Corrupt Government in History?

I think Mr. Roberts has it wrong.

The issue with Washington is not corruption, per se, although there’s plenty of that.

The truth is that America’s government is not responsible to anyone except a group of special interests.

And the truth also is that the elevation of money to the level of free speech is twisted beyond description, and it has twisted the country.

Money is central to American politics, ergo, the special interests who supply it are in the driver’s seat. Senators spend two-thirds of their time soliciting campaign funds.

The political structure of the United States actually totally lacks that old concept, checks and balances, in any real or effective form.

And with the exaltation of money in politics, it is impossible to rearrange the badly damaged machinery because doing that is not what the serious money wants.

Because politicians really are answerable mainly to special interests, they have little tie to voters.

Washington cares almost nothing for American voters, except at election time when a whirlwind of costly advertising and sound bites will appeal for a vote. It almost is like fulfilling a technical requirement more than conducting a real campaign between policies.

The truth is that from the power establishment’s point of view, it almost doesn’t matter who wins. They will both answer to the same lobbies.

Democrat or Republican is much like Coke or Pepsi: the establishment is never threatened by either one. Two branches of one Imperial Party.

This all creates a permanent lack of connection between the American people and their national government, a government free to busy itself with running an empire on behalf of special interests.

Idiots like George Bush, always a figurehead, used to joke to appeal to silly voters about never reading the international news section of the newspaper, but, in fact, that is most of what Washington does care about. That and the taxes and regulations affecting special interests.

You have a corporate/imperial country.

End of story. Stuff about corruption, stuff about the swamp, stuff about the founding principles are all childish nonsense having nothing to do with the realities of contemporary America.

What difference has Trump made to the world set on fire by Obama and Bush? Nothing. He continues down the same path. He has no choice, except in the noisiness of the way he does it. He takes orders from the same folks.

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