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“Obama Compares President Trump To Hitler, Says ‘America Is Heading Towards Genocide’”

Obama has become in my view a ridiculous figure, one who failed in most things and isn’t even aware of the extent of his failure.

He carries himself around with a great deal of arrogance and likes making dark pronouncements in the style of a preacher, and like most preachers he is a noisy hypocrite.

I can never forget his “Yes, we can” slogan when he first ran for office. It had a great deal of appeal for those with little. But just what was it that he really meant by it? Yes, we can have more war, and lots of it? Yes, we can have a national extra-judicial-killing program? Yes, we can be even bigger bullies in Europe and in other places? And, yes, we can be even more intrusive into the private lives of Americans?

I don’t think that for millions of ordinary Americans, many with tears in their eyes at the sight of America’s first black man running for president, that the slogan meant anything resembling those things, but those things are what proved to be the real meaning of the words over eight years.

However, people who write articles such as this one, are, if anything, even more pathetic than Obama.

America does in fact have a deep and seemingly intractable racial problem.

It has had it since the very beginning, and it has nothing to do with Obama or the things he speaks of.

I wouldn’t even describe it as racism the way Obama does, although that is a term commonly-enough used. It is something far more complex than simple hatred based on color.

It is part of the very fabric of the country. It is sensed in everything from gated communities, out-of-control police who kill more Americans every year than any terrorist could dream of (more than 1,100 each year), vast ghettos, a culture of worshipping guns and violence, and a lot of other very unpleasant stuff.

What America has inherited comes from those wonderful hypocrite Founders like Jefferson and Washington, who, in the words of Doctor Johnson, were “drivers of negroes, yelping about freedom.”

The country was founded in deep dishonesty, and no one can admit this. Indeed, far from admitting it, they pretend it has strayed from its original “principles.” As soon as someone starts writing or talking in that way, you know for sure that they are either exceedingly naïve or just ignorant.

It does tend to be that way with religions, and there is on earth today no more conspicuous example of a fiercely fundamentalist religion, one with millions of intense and unthinking adherents, than American Patriotism.

Of course, by principles American Patriots mean things like the Bill of Rights. But for most of the country’s history, the Bill of Rights has served as an adverting or public relations document. In this it is not so very different to the various teachings of Jesus dutifully praised and publicized, but in practice ignored, by the many churches founded in his name

Originally, the Bill of Rights wasn’t even enforceable by the Supreme Court, and a man like Thomas Jefferson threatened secession if it were made enforceable against the wishes of states. Over most of the country’s history, the Bill of Rights has simply been ignored or suppressed for one reason or another. Ignored for slavery and states’ rights, ignored for the country’s countless wars, ignored by the police almost constantly, ignored in the many intense practices to hype patriotism, ignored in legislation of many kinds from loyalty oaths to immigration practices, and today ignored in the name of national security, a situation which will only grow in future and never recede.

But America has not strayed from its true principles, which certainly are not a set of words on parchment, the principles which continue to guide its every act. America, as a state today, functions with a great deal of violence, injustice, boundless greed, endless war, and self-delusion. Just as at the beginning.

The Founders, in fact, created problems which have never been dealt with, and, indeed, I think never will be dealt with.

The thin mask worn by a state pretending to honor democratic principles and defend human rights has badly slipped, to reveal the harsh, underlying reality of a wealthy establishment supported by its powerful, well-funded government agencies working to almost no other end than in an endless quest for dominance.

Readers may enjoy these anecdotes:

Hitler was supported by Ford, IBM’s boss, Texaco, the Bushes, Wall Street Investment Banks, and many others.

Indeed, Hitler kept a photo of Ford over his desk in the chancellery since Ford was virulently anti-Semitic, advocated racial “purity” policies, and a number of other charming ideas.

America had an involuntary sterilization program of “the unfit” before Hitler. Tens of thousands of “undesirables” were involuntarily sterilized in the good old USA before any such program began in Germany.

The American Bund movement was a big one. You may see what it was about here:

By the way, here is how American children used to say the pledge of Allegiance (itself a rather fascistic requirement for children):

Hitler’s first choice to make Germany free of Jewish people was to ship them off to other places. This was tried a number of times.

Guess who wouldn’t take a shipload of Jewish people and indeed turned them back?

You’re right if you guessed America.


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