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John Chuckman


Stockman: Why the Deep State Is at War With Trump
“The Deep State has turned its own crimes during and after the 2016 election into nothing less than a coup d’etat against American democracy.”

A rather silly and unperceptive piece, in line with a lot of stuff you can find on Alt-right Internet sites.

I do not believe the Deep State is after Trump, not anymore anyway.

There was some opposition early on, but it has dissolved away.

The Democrats are very much against him, but what else would we expect? Stunts and lies and cheating have long featured in American politics, making them toxic, but that is not to be confused with the Deep State’s work.

Trump has made every concession to the deep State he can make, to the point of demonstrating himself a coward.

The Pentagon gets just whatever it wants.

The CIA gets just whatever it wants.

The Israel Lobby gets just whatever it wants.

The idea that Trump is now even pretending to “drain the swamp” is actually laughable if you look at the facts.

What was originally deeply resented by many in his own party and others was his hi-jacking a major party which had been pretty much adrift and seemed without direction or purpose.

In America’s anti-democratic party system, in either party, you have to earn your “creds” over years of work and support and successive offices. The whole mechanism is effectively a vetting system making America safe from any sudden changes.

The two official parties are nothing but two branches of a single Imperial Party. They do not like outsiders. They do not like anyone who might “rock the boat.”

But Trump’s days of being seen as a potential threat are over, long over. He’s completely compliant with what the establishment wants. The only thing different about him is his big mouth and his crudity, but those threaten no one’s position or power.

Today, Trump is as much a threat as one of those huge cartoon character balloons they use each year at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. Full of hot air and nothing else.

But his loyal followers, the Alt-right crowd, just don’t get it. They pathetically cling to him and see him as a savior under attack by Romans or a great general on a white horse doing daring deeds against the foe.

But it is all a bad joke, he is nothing of the kind. He’s a big hot-air balloon, a threat to no one’s power, simply a national embarrassment in taste, manners, and judgment.

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