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John Chuckman


Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump. Congress must protect his investigation

“Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump”

Sorry, the claim is hyped beyond any resemblance to reality.

Mueller has nothing worth talking about in legal terms, especially the kind of legal standards applied to impeachment.

The stuff about Flynn is almost laughable. The man was doing his job, a job many others have done, and he misrepresented it slightly under questioning. Not a capital crime. Indeed, a big fat nothing outside of a witch-hunt environment.

And given the total of lying, cheating, stealing, etc. we see in Washington, it really makes you wonder about priorities.

And I do not understand why any writer is still salivating over the prospect of Trump’s impeachment.

If presidents were to be removed for the kind of nothing stuff we know, America’s government would become more unstable and elections more meaningless than they already are there.

Not that I like Trump’s proven abilities to govern, which are poor. But I don’t think we want to see this kind of suggested nonsense.

And not that I think Trump is safe. I think the credible threat comes from other sources, such as a number of women saying his behavior was lewd and inappropriate.

If supported, it’s hard to see how he can ride through that in today’s environment, and it won’t require the immense effort of impeachment.

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