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John Chuckman


‘We’re here to stay’: the Guardian invites Dreamers to guest-edit our US edition
The Trump administration has put the future of young, undocumented immigrants at risk. Meet our guest editors and hear what they have to say

Well, this is all very nice, and of course Trump has done something stupid here.

But we do have a number of other far more terrible situations in the world, many of which are also the result of acts by the American government, generally with full support of Britain’s government.

I don’t see a trace of the same treatment by The Guardian.

These Dreamers are an easy, not controversial, sympathetic case.

But what about the more controversial and far more terrible cases in the world in which either the American or British government is responsible?

The terrible bombing of and starvation of Yemen, for which Britain’s good armaments customer, Saudi Arabia, is responsible, a customer supported also, and heavily, by America?

The 3 million refugees temporarily housed in Turkey, their situation being totally the responsibility of America’s brutal wars in Syria and Libya, supported by Britain?

The unrelenting horror in Gaza, a giant concentration camp in all but name?

One can easily name other terrible cases, and in each case, the government of the United States, supported by that of Britain, is responsible or could easily reverse the situation with the muscle it so readily flexes in selected other places.

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