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Canada Greenlights Lethal Arms Sales to Ukraine
Today, the Canadian government announced that it had added Ukraine to the Automatic Firearms Country Control List, which is a list of countries deemed to be permitted destinations for the export of firearms.

Again, although I’ve encountered misunderstanding, and even abuse, here when I have explained previously, I wish Russians to understand the situation Canadians are in.

We share a gigantic border and a massive trade with our Southern neighbor. Stopping that trade would be the equivalent impact of a war on our economy. We are that dependent, and the United States dramatically demonstrated the fact when, not long after 9/11, it halted cross-border movements temporarily to pressure Canada into agreeing to a new border regime. As for being invaded along that border, it wouldn’t take a week for America’s Frankenstein military to overrun our modest forces.

In times long past, Canada took its own views on a number of international matters, views which differed from those of the US. America was often hostile, but there was much less sense of the threat of the kind of international criminality we see today from America.

The government of Justin Trudeau is different for two reasons, I believe.

First, he is not cut from quite the same cloth as his tough and independent-minded father, Pierre. And I am very much a believer in Thomas Carlyle’s dictum, history is biography. His father would never have appointed as unpleasant, biased, and American-oriented a foreign minister as Chystia Freeland, for example.

Second, and this is important for the whole world to understand, the United States has changed drastically in the last two decades. Its path is directed by genuinely ruthless people with no morals or ethics.

Today, the world finds the US dominating Europe as never before, acting for all the world as an occupying power while pretending otherwise. The US runs arms and troops right up to Eastern borders against a number of previously given assurances in the days of President Reagan. And it constantly promotes, by many means, fear and hostility of Russia, appealing to, and keeping alive, historical prejudices of Eastern states that were far better encouraged to be forgotten.

It threatens Europe’s economic interests with arbitrarily-imposed sanctions against its natural continental trading partner, Russia. It also, with its Neocon-inspired wars raging through the Mideast, has close to destabilized the EU at times with side-effects, like armies of refugees running from American bombing and mercenary terror gangs, refugees America itself is unwilling to lift a finger to assist.

NATO is used like an organizational fig leaf to cover America’s often naked aggression in many parts and make it seem as though the aggression isn’t aggression but consensus policy by a number of Western countries. That is literally what NATO is reduced to, its original role of opposing possible Soviet aggression long having become obsolete.

Today, America makes ugly threats regularly against several countries, including Iran, Russia, North Korea, China, Venezuela, and others.

It conducts coups or organized terror campaigns or vicious dark efforts in a number of countries, including Venezuela, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, and more.

It leaves the unfortunate people of Palestine, and especially those in the miserable concentration camp called Gaza, to suffer and rot under relentless Israeli abuse and oppression, Israelis using, without criticism or interference, American-supplied weapons, financial support, and assistance of every kind.

America has violently overthrown governments in a number of lands in the recent past, including those of Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine.

Through revelations in the recent past, we know that America has been even more involved in the state murder business than we ever thought before, likely victims having included Sweden’s past Prime Minister, Olaf Palme, and others.

It does all this while maintaining a smug and pious face to the world, blubbering about freedom and democracy – perhaps most extremely represented by its moral-idiot appointee at the UN, Nikki Haley, but indeed a constant feature in the language of every American official.

Of course, as the last election, America amply demonstrated to the world that it is itself incapable of running a clean election. It even featured a political murder, that of idealistic Seth Rich, apart from all the vote fraud and meaningless money-driven campaigns between two parties who represent much the same things. And as Palestine and Guantanamo and ISIS and the CIA’s dark international rendition gulag demonstrate, it cares very little about any freedom except its own freedom to behave as it wishes.

So, I can at least understand the timidity of leaders in countries like France and Germany. And I think we have to add the current government of Canada.

Many Canadians do not like foreign policy initiatives under our current government, but at the same time, they remember the ugliest government in our history, that of Stephen Harper, for the decade before.

We are at least relieved not to have that relentless assault on all of best traditions, both foreign and domestic., by an ideologue ultra-conservative like Harper.

It should be noted Mr. Harper was a vocal and relentless advocate for the Israel Lobby such as we’ve never experienced before, and it is that lobby plus their allied Neocons in Washington who have produced what I can only call an America unashamed to behave like conquering fascists abroad.

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