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US drone strikes double in Somalia, triple in Yemen under Trump admin.: Report

I always like to imagine the buzz-cut thugs who work for CIA on its extrajudicial killing system sitting at their computer screens in secure basements somewhere.

They play computer games with real human lives, much resembling a scene from a science fiction film.

I wonder, when they get “a kill,” do they pump their arms and shout like Americans at a sports event do when their team scores, maybe then going out for a hamburger and a Coke?

And I wonder, do these willing-helper killers work on Christmas?

Sick beyond words.

It’s almost unbelievable that America, with all its pretentious claims about rights, has gone full-time into the extrajudicial killing business.

What they are doing is absolutely no different from what the old much-hated Argentine Junta used to do, make people disappear, and by the thousands.

Only America is doing it on an industrial scale.

This a violation of all principles of justice and all human ethics.

Response to another reader’s comment:

I agree. Internal use of drone-killing on Americans themselves is coming one day. Things you use regularly gradually are taken for granted and accepted as ordinary, no matter how bizarre they seemed once.

America’s ruling elites are gradually dropping all pretensions to ethics or morality.

Just as all Americans today are spied on but before long will have their every movement tracked and recorded.

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