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John Chuckman


It’s become a national tradition to obsess over what the royals wear. But it’s time we left Meghan Markle and her dress alone

Acting or not acting ‘like a princess” makes no difference because she is, in fact, not a princess but a “B” movie actress.

She is about as much a princess as the little girls who dress up in pink Disney princess costumes and carry around wands with plastic gold stars on their tips. It’s just her wardrobe budget is a great deal bigger.

This entire business of princes and monarchy should come to an end with Elizabeth’s passing.

It is now approaching the level of a skit from Monty Python.

The original concept of princes was rationalized by the notion that breeding gave us the fittest people to rule.

That idea is not only outdated by a couple of centuries, it is plainly silly in light of this example, the current royalty.

The idea is, and always was, fake, only conceived to defend and glorify an aristocracy which ruled solely because of what it owned.

Both Diana’s boys are extremely mediocre, the one blandly pleasant, the other, Harry, rather a narcissistic, unbalanced, and completely unproductive man.

Their father, a rather tediously preachy man, is someone few seem to want, although the very concept of monarchy requires that he be king next.

Now, we throw into the mix a pretend princess, as indeed, to some extent, Diana was herself.

Why would a modern state carry on with this Movie Magazine charade?

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