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John Chuckman


Boris Johnson clashes with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow over attacks on Putin regime
Spat comes after Foreign Secretary criticised ‘hostile’ Russia over the war in the Ukraine and its cyber attacks on the West

Johnson has made nearly as big an ass out of himself on this trip as Trump has made of himself the other day in the UN General Assembly.

Johnson’s is the language of the illogical and unthinking ideologue. It’s America’s language.

Lavrov, always the consummate senior diplomat, was gracious. After all, Johnson has said a lot of rubbish to the press about Russia.

Of course, Britain’s ridiculous position is one it has been forced into by the United States, a United States now aggressively pushing almost everywhere and busy killing still in half a dozen places.

Johnson and May know as well as I do that the incompetent government in Ukraine, busy destroying that country’s economy, is solely the result of an American-arranged coup against an elected government.

the coup was undertaken only to hurt and insult Russia right on her border.

Once that fact is established, and it has been established as all people who read widely and keep informed know, everything else is just rubbish.

We have it directly from the ugly mouth of American Neocon, Victoria Nuland, formerly of the State Department, that the United States spent $5 billion arranging that coup.

Yet, here’s Boris making a public fool of himself pushing America’s tissue of lies into the faces of very clever men who very much know otherwise.

Pretty shameful stuff. As far as Crimea goes, the people (almost all Russian speakers) made their wishes known.

They made their wishes known against an unpopular Kiev government which almost immediately started taking measures to suppress the Russian language, a language which has a history of centuries in the region.

And isn’t it the residents’ wishes that keeps Gibraltar or the Falklands or even Northern Ireland British?

Talk about hypocrisy.

I do hope that in private, Boris says a few intelligent things to his hosts instead of continuing with the dumb American servant act.

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