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John Chuckman


Why we keep scanning the skies for signs of alien intelligence
The search for alien life continues, but how near are we to finding life on other planets – and will we ever answer the question ‘are we alone’?

Of course, we will answer the question. When? Who knows?

It is inconceivable that the universe is not teeming with life, life at every stage of evolution and created life such as robots or manipulations of biology and genes.

To believe otherwise is to accept a truly primitive notion from three millennia ago as meaningful, the idea of a human-centered universe.

Whether with or without a god, that is simply silly at this stage of our knowledge and discovery and just plain imagination.

Trouble is that the very nearest star is 25 trillion miles away, with all the other trillions of them (literally, there are billions of galaxies each with vast numbers of stars) going out from there to who knows where.

And of course, there may even be a multiverse, not just our universe.

Such immensity almost cannot be conceived by people, and no technology we have could do the distances, at least not with living passengers.

Many forms of life will not have arrived at the stage to communicate by radio. We only did about a century ago. Many forms of life may not be interested in communication, as robotic ones. And, of course, there may be other forms of communicating besides radio, forms we have not discovered.

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