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john Chuckman


Trump Opens up US Arms Sales to Kiev, Escalates War in East Ukraine, and Ensures More Russian Aid for Rebels
Moscow will never allow the rebels be defeated militarily so all this will do is intensify the bloodshed, earn Trump increased Russian ire, and earn the US military-industrial complex a buck or two.

Well said, but unfortunately, America is on a kind of “roll” or “bender” of demonstrating its belligerence to everyone everywhere and demanding acknowledgement of its pre-eminence.

It is the terrible influence of the Neocons – who have their own agenda of aggression and intimidation – coming at exactly the moment a kind of malaise or sense of America’s inevitable relative decline has set in the Washington establishment, a malaise about a future coming where they no longer enjoy being kings of the earth.

It is, I believe, an extremely dangerous time we have entered, perhaps with greater risks ahead than we have experienced in the Cold War.

I have to confess, sometimes I am glad to be a bit old; the circumstances really are that dark.

America busies itself leaving behind all the principles of Enlightenment that it once prided itself on being born into and hurling itself headlong into a world guided only by power and dominance.

Where does Trump fit in? He is a political maverick, an outsider, the hijacker of an old-line establishment party who was quickly made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

He got the message, and today this man, in a desperate desire to win acceptance and admiration from the establishment, is ready to say to whatever he is asked, “Yes, Sir, yes, Sir, three bags full!”

In other words, Trump complicates an already dangerous set of circumstances, adding yet another dangerous and unpredictable element, a leader ready to please power-mad people at the Pentagon, the CIA, and major lobbies like the one for Israel.

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