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John Chuckman


North Korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power by US or Russia, say Rex Tillerson and Sergei Lavrov
Both sides agree to pursue a ‘diplomatic solution’ to the crisis

Well, I don’t know why North Korea is less worthy to be a nuclear power than America and Russia or, indeed, others. I’m not sure what deity declared this.

The ugly truth is, America has a record of horror in North Korea few appreciate.

Look at these:

Given that record, it is hard to view North Korea as irrational.

And, by the way, all reliable observers indicate, Kim is an intelligent leader, likely more so in some respects than Trump. Some comments here just reflect the stuff fed to us by our corporate, government-serving press.

And, of course, any time we discuss this topic, we must include Israel, not only an outlaw nation which has killed many people and abuses millions but one with a large, and unquestioned arsenal of nuclear weapons.

It also is a nation which engaged in serious secret proliferation in the case of Apartheid South Africa, a nation which acquired a small arsenal with Israel’s illegal help.

What is your standard?

Israel supposedly fears what people in one country did 75 years ago, so its weapons are okay.

Plus, it is okay that they’ve violated every standard set for nuclear weapons?

But North Korea experienced hell on earth about 65 years ago at the hands of the same US now threatening it, but that, too, is okay? They somehow are unfit to join “the big boys”?

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