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John Chuckman


Mueller Should End the Russia-Gate Investigation – For His Own Sake
Robert Mueller’s investigation is having the opposite of its intended effect, exonerating Trump.

Good points.

But I have to believe that the main purpose of the Mueller effort was to make life just that much more difficult for Trump, to serve as a continuing irritant, not to find genuinely criminal behavior.

Trump is not liked by the establishment of either party, and we’ve seen, he has few friends in traditional establishment institutions like the FBI in Washington.

But the Mueller investigation is also very much aimed at Russia by the rabid anti-Russian Washington establishment.

I think with those goals in mind, you would have to say Mueller’s investigation has been a success so far.
Response to a comment that “Trump turned out to be just another status quo supporting swamp dweller that caved to the US State Department within the first month of office:”

Well said. Right to the point.

Trump is pathetic, but not for the reasons to be found in a Mueller-type investigation.

He is simply a big-mouthed coward, ready to do or say any brainless thing for his political base and to capture the support of establishment figures.

He truly is almost as pathetic as George Bush. Although not a genuine moron like Bush, he has proved ready to talk and act like one just to gain favor.

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