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John Chuckman


Witch-Hunter-in-Chief Schiff Panics as His Show Trial Threatens to Devour Him
“He knows the walls are closing in on him.”


Response to a comment saying, “It’s increasingly clear that there was and continues to be a conspiracy to discredit Trump and ultimately remove him from office”:

Well, if it is so, I think many would now welcome its success.

Trump has proved an unqualified disaster, and I say that as one who a year ago hoped he had something, at least in a few areas of international affairs, to offer.

But he does not, at least anything anyone would want.

America’s extrajudicial killings are running at record levels, an unforgivable activity for a state claiming loyalty to human rights.

We have open aggression in Syria continued with America troops and equipment occupying places they are not welcome.

We have a dangerous and unnecessary confrontation with North Korea. And a gigantic fleet placed, as part of that confrontation, near China is a serious provocation to a great power.

There is no end of the hostilities to Russia, which now include open talk of arming Ukraine, an insane provocation and something guaranteed to bring no peace.

There is absolutely no end to the utterly false claims of Russian aggression, Crimea having chosen its own fate as surely as did the Falklands, Gibraltar, or Kosovo.

We have increased intensity of trade restrictions with Russia, a brainless set of measures only making everyone poorer at a time of economic difficulties.

We have an American UN Ambassador who is literally a world-class embarrassment, an ignoramus in knee-high suede boots with a very big mouth and absolutely no judgment.

We see Trump giving the Nazis now running Israel everything they want and demanding nothing from them towards peace or justice.

There is Trump and his ridiculous Ambassador threatening the UN, time and again, to get what it wants on Israel’s behalf.

We have the spectacle of Trump featuring his damned, incompetent daughter, Ivanka, at the G-20 as though she were an important world figure. He looked like the world’s greatest dumb-ass father pushing her into photos with other world leaders. After all, they all have children, too, with whom they could pull the same brainless stunt.

And, in several matters, Ivanka has demonstrated incompetence comparable to Nikki Haley. She belongs nowhere near the Oval Office.

No, Trump is beyond a disappointment.

And he is either a grotesque liar – on a par with Tony Blair – with all the things he campaigned for or he is world-class coward for backing down on everything almost as soon as he took office.

I’m definitely inclined to think the latter in view of his earlier background.

No, there’ll be nothing missed but a lot of bluster and bullying if he goes.

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