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John Chuckman


From the future of bitcoin to Facebook, 2018 in technology
Social networks and politics, the still unfulfilled promise of augmented reality, pay-to-play games: what might change in the year ahead

Why is Facebook a name that is repeated in every article having anything to do with technology and the Internet in The Guardian?

In fact, it is an operation that does nothing interesting in technology. It is a pioneer in almost nothing.

But there it is regularly, much like the sun rising, in The Guardian.

I don’t know whether it is deliberate or careless, but Mr. Zuckerberg and his Frankenstein creation are there, time after time, whereas there are all kinds of other people doing interesting stuff with technology, but their names and efforts remain strangers to The Guardian.

Indeed, the one creative aspect of Facebook much resembles what we would expect in Egypt or China or some other such place, innovations in enforcing political preconceptions and official standards of acceptability.

Just the other day we learn, from sources other than The Guardian, Facebook is busy at again, coming up with new modes of enforcement, this time deleting vast numbers of accounts at the direct request of the governments of Israel and the United States.

Innovation? Advanced technology? Social Media?

I think rather the face of Big Brother wearing a casual grey t-shirt and smiling blandly.

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