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John Chuckman


“I knew that many people don’t vote. I should have asked why”

If you don’t know why, I really don’t think you should be in the political column business.

The reasons are many and clear.

The system is pretty well stacked against any significant change and stacked against ordinary voters.

It is no different in any major Western country, only reaching obscene extremes in the United States.

When, for the first time in many years a decent and thoughtful politician succeeded in gaining the leadership of a British national party, what happened?

All the newspapers and old hacks like Tony Blair come out with guns blazing for months, and The Guardian, supposedly traditionally a friend of progressive and left affairs, was a leader in the assault with a long and shameful McCarthyite campaign.

Here’s another way the system is stacked. David Cameron ruled, leaving a terrible record of blunders and lies, and only had the support of about 35%. The voting system is rigged.

Tony Blair ignored the greatest peace demonstration in British history to lie and manipulate his way into assisting George Bush to decimate a country and leave chaos behind.

And this same Blair remains in the respectable portion of society and even gets regular boosts from the press, very much including The Guardian, to re-enter politics.

The press, including The Guardian, pushed daily to try and replace Corbyn with Owen Smith, a blow-hard, vacuous politician of the Tony Blair school, with almost regular features of him bellowing with his mouth open so wide you could see back teeth.

I could write a very long list, but that should suffice.

I could add the almost nauseating daily tittle-tattle about loopy Harry and his coming marriage to an insanely ambitious American when in fact what Britain needs for the future is a fresh start, pensioning-off these tedious people once good Queen Bess is through.

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