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John Chuckman


RT Goes Live in French – Elites Freak Out, Try to Block It, RI Attends Paris Opening Party

“President Macron accused the channel of propaganda, though it hadn’t gone on air yet.”

Great line.

Of course, goofy Macron is now going on about how he is going to keep “fake news” out of France. I don’t know whether he includes RT in that category or not.

Who or what gave Macron the unique ability to determine what is “fake?”

No one, of course, and he cannot, but he can use the same cheap gimmick used by the Washington Post or the New York Times or Facebook or Google or the State Department to label what he does not like as “fake.”

In the “fake news” controversy, the only certain fake is the claim made by any government agency or journalist that they can tell what is fake. It much resembles a claim to powers of witchcraft.

All of the major Western leaders are now caught in a web of their own making. They effectively want a Great Wall of China against other ideas while pretending to embrace the free exchange of ideas.

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