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John Chuckman


North Korea crisis: Japan faces greatest danger since World War Two, says PM Abe
Isolationist state ‘trampling the strong desire of international community for peaceful resolutions’, says premier

Well, it has always seemed inevitable that Japan would seek to break out of the bonds of an American-imposed, post-WWII constitution with its tough military limits.

And, of course, it is possible, even likely, that contemporary war-oriented America is pushing behind the scenes, too. The old imposed constitution involved ideas and beliefs that have become passé in America.

So, here we go.

And if Japan seriously moves to arm, China will respond immediately.

I think few in the West realize how intense some of bad feelings from WWII are in this part of the world.

We were “home-stays” for a Chinese student for nearly three years and met many other students from China. On the subject of Japan, there were always very strong feelings.

I think this has relatively little to do with North Korea and more to do with America-versus-China.

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