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John Chuckman


Donald Trump eats McDonald’s for fear of being poisoned? That says it all

“Donald Trump eats McDonald’s for fear of being poisoned? “

The anecdote provides an almost perfect symbol for Trump, fear and tastelessness.

Response to a comment which said “Despair, inequality and lack of opportunity are what drove the Trump vote”:

I think you are right, but perhaps do not go far enough.

The first certified moron president, George Bush, proved America doesn’t even need a president.

Officials of the Deep State can just keep things humming along while an awkward loser like Bush struts around making pretend speeches.

Trump’s position is related. He is not such a fool as Bush, but he actually believes it serves his political base to behave like one, and I think he is right. His base is in trailer parks, gun loyalists, and owners of big pick-up trucks.

He’s the loud-mouthed fake-strongman, the cheap bully, passing for a hero on horseback. Fighting the swamp – even the absurd metaphor tells you something.

He is really a coward because when it comes to fighting for any real reforms with the Deep State, as in war or the insane anti-Russian business – things he questioned when he campaigned, but simply dropped like an unwelcome burden his first week in office.

He seems desperate to please the forces of the Deep State, so the CIA gets everything it could wish, the Pentagon gets everything it could wish, and important special-interest lobbies, like that for Israel, get everything it could wish.

He is, in a word, a complete disaster, the very thing so many feared from Hillary Clinton.

But there’s so-called American democracy for you. The choice, in the only two parties that can flourish owing to the politics of big, big money, was between a known totally-corrupt woman who made a living for a while of making costly Wall Street speeches in favor of a stronger military(!) and an eccentric billionaire who gave a false glimmer of hope for at least a tiny bit of change.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone. The case of Obama is infinitely instructive. a man who sometimes wore sandals and first eschewed the compulsory American Flag pin on his lapel ended by bombing someone every single day of his eight years and has the distinction of having started America’s industrial-scale extralegal killing regime. He also did absolutely nothing in eight years for his own unfortunate people.

I think there is a clear message. It really does not matter who gets elected in America or what the hopes of voters are. And if somehow someone does get past the many barriers erected in the duopoly party system, that person will be quickly reduced to nothing.

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