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John Chuckman


Russia ‘simulated full-scale war’ against Nato, says military commander
‘The scale and extent of the entire exercise was far greater than officially stated’

This is the most revolting anti-Russian propaganda.

As with all propaganda which hopes to have some effect and to avoid being laughed at as cartoonish exaggeration, this contains a grain of truth – the Russians are preparing – but that truth is presented in the most outrageous manner with no perspective and no context.

America – call it NATO if that somehow makes you feel better – has tanks and other armor now clanking all over Europe, has new storage depots for more tanks and armor, has new fortifications and walls, has thousands of additional troops parading around, has spy planes and fighters over the Baltic, has heavily-armed ships in the Black Sea, and it regularly has all kinds of ugly noises about Russia being made by American and NATO officials, NATO, of course, serving as America’s echo chamber to make all its dictates seem more like widely-held views.

It goes back to Obama’s time – the man who oversaw the destruction of Libya, the horrors of Syria and Yemen plus other violent and threatening activities, and, simply put, it has been the most dangerous activity on the planet, and it continues despite a change in the president.

Further, the US now literally occupies a part of Syria, ignoring all international law.

How should Russia behave under such a constant rain of threats and violent acts, other than by practice in countering a clear and present danger?

Good God, they’ve had major invasions twice, with millions of deaths, at the hands of European tyrants. Now they face a Europe almost completely subservient to the world’s reigning bully imperial power, the United states, a power which has been on a violent tear for the best part of two decades.

This kind of article leaves out all the perspective and context and is surely nothing but the cheapest scare propaganda in presenting what the Russians quite sensibly are doing to protect themselves.

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