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John Chuckman


Yoga, basketball and a test kitchen: Obama’s presidential library plans
Presidential libraries are usually all-American vanity projects

Especially disagreeable is the chosen location, in Jackson Park, one of city’s grand old Olmstead parks, located on the south side of the city.

The architecture, at least in the early design stages I saw images of, is utterly undistinguished. Downright homely, actually.

Now, we learn its functions include truly undistinguished and almost bizarre things.

Well, it sounds like a boring flop with a $1.5 billion price tag, and just maybe that says something about Obama.

He joins really boring Presidents like Ford or Bush in failing to establish something that could keep giving to people the way Jimmy Carter’s Carter Center has very much done.

In total, this is an institution not worth building. It will clutter a great park with a homely building and a basketball court. the yoga and kitchen sound like something from a tedious institution dedicated to faddish ideas of body health.

I wonder have they consulted with Gwyneth Paltrow on the activities?

Response to a comment which said “Obama didn’t do much for the African American community under his watch things went from Bad to extreme”:


And the comment below is close to ridiculous.

Who said anything about his being expected to turn everything around?

But he could have made some thoughtful efforts. Some kind of start.

He did not, and I think that almost as shameful as the fact that he was bombing people during every one of his eight years.

He killed at least 500,000 people – including a lot of women and children in Arab countries where populations are young – in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, and more. He also created the CIA’s extrajudicial killing enterprise on a grand scale, outdoing the old junta colonels in Argentina in making thousands disappear.

A truly dreadful record, but his charming smile still buys him some loyalty, but loyalty to what?

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