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“Mueller investigation: Thirteen Russians charged with interfering in US election
The charges are the most direct allegations to date of illegal Russian meddling in the election”

Just trivial nonsense.

I don’t know whether Mueller is misguided or whether, far more likely, he is serving the interests who want to keep this nonsense going, and those interests are not just Democrats. Indeed, the Democrats have hitched themselves to this whole phony story only because they know other powerful interests are at work on Russia for far different reasons than mock concern over the integrity of elections. Why not just go along for the ride? And they have.

Those other powerful interests are the American security services and military. The whole tone of “Russia as sneaky enemy” has to be maintained in the New Cold War, a very serious project which includes everything from running tanks up the Russian border and spending new fortunes on weapons to a dangerous new statement of America’s nuclear weapons posture.

And the stupidest aspect of all this is that charges of interfering in elections comes from the very country which incessantly does more of it than anyone on the planet.

The American security services not only pay pensions to select politicians and work to discredit others in a constellation of countries, but of course actually overthrow selected governments, including elected ones, as they did in Ukraine and as they are trying now to do in Venezuela.

The United States also highhandedly pressures governments, as in Europe, to follow American direction, even when that direction is wrongheaded, as in the Middle East. All that bombing and killing in the Middle East drove Europe’s refugee crisis, as I’m sure the major European politicians understand but are afraid to say.

Amazing testimony to democratic and human values, isn’t it, when major countries cannot speak the truth to their own people? But Joe Biden – that smiling buddy of smiling Obama – only recently was embarrassingly frank on the subject of pressuring European allies. Obama himself spoke once of having to do a little leaning on allies to do as America wanted them to do. That isn’t leadership, that’s autocracy.

By comparison, we have trivial accusations about the release of embarrassing information through the agency of Russia, a function many might call investigative reporting, something the corporate press does not even attempt anymore.

Whoever obtained that information is known to Julian Assange, but Assange is effectively held in minimum security prison on trumped-up charges, again certainly under pressure from Washington.

We already know from Assange the information did not come from Russia. We also have very strong reason to believe it was the work of a disillusioned Democrat idealist, Seth Rich, who downloaded the embarrassing files and gave them to Wikileaks. That fine young man paid with his life.

As for the “dossier,” it has always been a transparent fraud, although it may well be peppered with some truths, as all good frauds tend to be. The Democrats paid or helped pay for that dossier. Now, there’s something to be properly investigated concerning election interference, but we see little sign of that so far.

Please recall how Hillary said something enlightened about Assange along the lines of “can’t we just drone him or something?” Almost as bloodthirsty as her infamous words after the murder of Libya’s Gaddafi, an ugly business she helped engineer under Obama. That is how dedicated to truth Washington’s crowd of scum politicians are.

After all, when you are pursuing world dominance, playing all kinds of dirty tricks, threatening and attacking all kinds of people, there is not a lot of room left for truth. You are busy hiding all your ugly, law-breaking activities like paying cutthroats in Syria or Libya or Ukraine and ignoring all norms of international law. That is the primary reason we live in a tissue of lies, and our press, without exception, manipulates and distorts what readers and listeners receive.

Where have we seen one shred of real evidence about Russian interference?

We haven’t. Not a scrap of anything a court would call evidence.

Yet right this moment, Washington is not only actively interfering in the internal affairs of a number of countries, it is busy bombing or arming others. It occupies a portion of Syria, completely against the will of Syria’s government and for the only purpose of trying to see part of the country broken off to serve the interests of that other lawless nation, Israel. It encourages and arms Saudi Arabia for its blood-soaked war on Yemen. It allows Israel to carry right on with appalling abuses.

By the way, in the end, underlying cause of America’s phony Russia hysteria is in America’s imperial ambitions and in its twisted relationship with Israel. The United States dislikes Russia because it is the only country capable of obliterating America, and American generals want things arranged so they are the only ones capable of obliterating anyone.

Israel also very much does not like Russia for standing in the way of the Mideast plans it has long ago worked out with the United States, plans which have included a long march of terror and war to build “a new Middle East” to Israel’s advantage. Israel also is a great booster of an all-dominant American military because it sees in that an additional line of protection for its various dark projects in the Middle East.

Talk about interfering in the affairs of others and constantly lying about it, the Neocon Wars are our greatest contemporary example. I can’t imagine any form of interference which exceeds killing a couple of million people, turning millions into desperate refugees, and dismembering several states.

So, I think the root cause of the nonsense about Russia is not just asinine Washington politics – Democrats versus Republicans and Trump acolytes versus traditional party people – although our press does enjoy diverting the public’s attention with such games. The real cause is Washington’s ongoing brutal imperial march, in lockstep with its Mideast colony, to rule the planet and leave everyone else intimidated.

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