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Monthly Archives: March 2018

John Chuckman



“Mocked-up tweet shows the Labour leader’s head superimposed onto Hitler’s companion, with the caption: ‘when you’re pictured at Nuremberg and claim you thought you were going to a car rally’”


This of “Lord” Sugar’s, is the work of an unpleasant twelve-year old at best. It actually resembles the proto-fascist stuff you find on sites for America’s Alt-right.

Good God, Britain has reached a record level of stupidity in its political affairs.

A powerful lobby for a foreign state, the British Israel Lobby, regularly and irresponsibly accuses a fine politician of dark beliefs or tolerance, much like accusing him of being a believer in voodoo who secretly drinks blood.

What that lobby wants is Corbyn’s replacement or hobbling because he represents some things with which they don’t agree, especially in his views on the Middle East which are as fair-minded and open as all of his views are.

Some respect for parliamentary government. Some respect for democracy and rule of law.

At the same time, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister practice exactly the same lowlife tactics in relations with Russia, a country which has done absolutely nothing wrong so far as the facts we have been provided tell us.

These two efforts – the Prime Minister’s and the British Israel Lobby’s – actually are not unrelated, even though, at a casual glance, you might not think so.

Israel has a seething resentment over the failure of the murderous adventure in Syria (supported covertly by America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, and France). Its giant covert project to topple a neighboring government and balkanize its territory by employing mercenaries posing as fake jihadis has been largely a failure, thanks to Russia’s honest opposition to terror.

A costly failure, although surely not so costly as it has been to the Syrian people who have suffered approaching a half million deaths and millions of refugees running for their lives.

Israel keeps its resentment diplomatically hidden because it has the United States to act as world bully boy on its behalf, as we can all see with the way America’s most atrocious-ever UN Ambassador constantly abuses the very international organization to which she is appointed.

Theresa May is simply a loyal and obedient servant of both the United States and Israel. So, we can see why she behaves in the contemptible fashion that she does towards Russia (a la Nikki Haley, we might describe it), and we can see why, as the nation’s leader, she offers not a word of objection to the lowlife tactics being used against Jeremy Corbyn.

Meanwhile, Israel shoots over 700 Palestinians protesting their terrible treatment, murdering at least 15 of them just for approaching a fence. It uses sharpshooters and tanks, and now it has added the innovation of drones dropping teargas or other noxious chemicals on the crowds of protesters, a form of chemical warfare.

And do we hear one word of objection from the British government or, indeed, from any other faithful American servants in Europe over this Nazi-like behavior?

No, of course not. The British government’s time and resources are taken up with making accusations and speeches about a presumed attack on one man who may not even have been attacked, for all we know from the actual facts we have been given.

They are also taken up with efforts to politically assassinate a fair-minded, decent British citizen, the leader of a major political party, including such juvenile delinquent-style stunts as that of “Lord” Sugar.

My, Britain can certainly be proud.


John Chuckman



“Does the West really believe it can break and destroy Russia?”


No, of course, it does not believe that.

But it very much is confident that it can hurt and embarrass and perhaps even, to some extent, hobble Russia.

These are very dark and unpleasant men who actually run American foreign policy – the so-called Deep State.

They include the many psychopaths working at the CIA and Pentagon, and they are resentful that Russia has in any way blunted their efforts at “full-spectrum dominance, everywhere,” as its effective acts did in Syria and in Ukraine.

The US has been on a rampage through much of the world for at least 15 years, killing at least a couple of million people, creating millions of hopeless refugees, and destroying perfectly well-running societies.

It is all related to the dominance in Washington of the Neocons, an influential group that believes America should openly and unashamedly use its power to dominate, leaving behind preferences of fairness and balance.

The Neocons are particularly focused on Israel, and they believe that such an aggressive America is Israel’s best hope for surviving and thriving. The arguments also have some appeal to others in Washington who understand that the world is rapidly changing now. America’s extraordinarily privileged position after WWII (the time of the “American Dream” advertising slogan) with all competitors flattened is over.

Others now are growing and competing and challenging economically, and they are not going away. Many in Washington see a more aggressive and demanding approach to foreign affairs as buying time and perhaps new advantages against its relative decline. So, there is a tight bond with the Neocons, a group whose narrow interests (essentially Israel, a country with the population of Ecuador) distort the world greatly now. The Neocons also necessarily see Russia as a potential block to some of their plans – hence, all the hostility towards Russia.

It is a very dangerous time.

John Chuckman



“Between Pompeo, Kushner, Haley and Bolton an almost fully ultra-Zionist war cabinet is now in place in DC”


This is true.

However, for me, these dark appointments – plus other questionable Trump moves, such as even more money for a bloated and aggressive Pentagon – raise a fundamental question.

To what extent is Trump – or indeed any American President – actually in charge of his own office? At least so far as world affairs and war and killing and threats go?

We had every indication before the election that Trump had some welcome contrarian views in such matters.

He openly asked why Israel couldn’t pay for its own defense? He openly asked why the United States didn’t develop better relations with Russia? He openly asked why the United States was in Syria, why it not leave it to Russia to end that terrorism?

These and other exciting prospects, crucial matters, have simply disappeared.

We do not see the same Trump, a man who for me had at least some promise, always ignoring his dumber ideas like building the wall with Mexico which had a high probability of never happening.

I am reminded of his predecessor, a man supposedly from the other end of the political spectrum and a man the whole world once regarded as promising change after eight agonizing years of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld’s bloody horror.

That man, Obama, ended by being a colossal disappointment, just providing for the most part in world affairs a continuation of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld. Here was a man who bombed human beings every day of his term in the White House despite his early promise.

And Obama even put the United States into the extrajudicial killing business on a grand scale, something Trump has extended, happily handing over to the psychopaths at CIA the role of judging who dies in addition to acting as executioner.

Further, I refer to the Bush administration as Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld for a very good reason. Bush pretty much proved that the United States does not really need a President except for the formal signing of legal documents placed before him and making speeches. That pathetically ignorant man decided nothing. The grimacing eminences grises, standing behind him, very much did.

So, all the recent history of American Presidents tends to confirm strongly the unpleasant suspicion that America really is run by a Deep State, that the role of Presidents is pretty much symbolic, at least when it comes to all of America’s deadly activity in the world.

I think the Deep State is largely indifferent to internal social issues, so the American people get to enjoy an illusion that they actually have some choice in their politics with debates over those.

However, if we accept the truth of this, it has huge implications for diplomacy and world affairs. Summits between well-intentioned leaders, for example, can settle nothing where the United States is involved. Appeals to reason and the principles of the rule of law also are meaningless because the audience which must be addressed cannot be addressed.

Here, too, for that last point, we do tend to see confirmation in matters such as the Skripal Affair and various American behaviors in Syria. No logic or evidence is deemed necessary. No one you can address is accountable. Trump appears for all the world a kind of ventriloquist’s dummy sitting at his desk.


John Chuckman



Russian Missile Forces Drill Planned With 10,000 Troops on ‘Highest Combat Alert’ After Expulsions

“Already, the New Cold War between Washington and Moscow is more dangerous than the last”


I have seen many insane behaviors from governments over my life, but this recent set of behaviors by the American government is almost beyond belief.

It’s an astoundingly dangerous set of stunts.

Much like holding massive mock air raids over crowded cities using real bombers loaded with real bombs.

And to what purpose?

Just to discredit Russia? Now, there’s a worthy goal for a great power and supposed world leader, but this worthless goal is the least threatening and dangerous possible interpretation.

To prepare the ground, so to speak, for some new aggression against Russia, creating a cloud of hysteria and confusion for the general public just before some real fireworks go off? This is quite possible, and of course, immensely more dangerous. I have little doubt Russian authorities regard this as a real possibility.

The fact is that the United States today, in international affairs, is not being led by completely rational people. And, most certainly, not people with much in the way of human values and respect for others. They demonstrated that amply over the last decade and a half by blowing up and burning through huge portions of the Middle East.

To hell with all the people killed and the immense numbers made homeless and the destruction of well-run and peaceful states is basically what America’s long violent march tells the world, and it’s hardly reassuring when new threats are offered, as they are being offered now.

America is led in these matters by unaccountable people with unknown goals and using deadly means.

America’s Deep State now not only makes democratic government inside America pretty well meaningless, a simulacrum of representative government, it threatens much of the world with completely unnecessary fears to get its way. Bullying on a global scale.

And no one in what is still quaintly often called “Western civilization” raises a voice against such dangerous insanity because they are themselves all threatened and intimidated.

John Chuckman



Russia’s Mistake in Skripal Case Is Hoping to Deal With Honest Players

Exactly right — but it seems Moscow is over that now, and ready to mirror all demands back onto the west 


Response to a comment, “And that takes time and during that time you keep asking the other side for their proof and their assistance. This is not rocket science. This is good diplomacy. This is good psychology: ”


It’s the best that can be done.

You are not dealing with the opponent you think you are, but the world court of public opinion still has importance.

And that is why it has been most helpful for Russia to develop open and articulate media to address the world.

And, of course, that is also just why forces in and with the United States have worked so hard to discredit or even disable the new Russian media.

In the past, American authorities were used to getting their story “out there” virtually without contradiction or question.

However, this is not a totally rational battle, as I think we can all see.

The reasons are suggested in my long comment under another article today in Russia Insider, “Bolton Means Another War for Israel Is Coming”

John Chuckman



Thousands of Jeremy Corbyn supporters endorse letter saying Jewish-organised antisemitism protest was the work of ‘very powerful special interest group’


Absolutely, it hardly needs saying.

A demonstration over a nonevent?

Constant repetition of the same slanderous charges?

And there very much is an agenda in this.

Corbyn is thought too fair-minded about Israel and Palestine to be allowed into power.

That is how he is regarded by the relatively small group running these demonstrations and publicity efforts.

Their Labour Party hero was Tony “the killer” Blair, someone pretty well totally discredited now and with little hold upon the general public.

They tried pushing Owen Smith in, but he is an arrogant and ineffective politician.

But his sacking (essentially for trying to tell the leader what to do) was an unacceptable signal and ignited this new wave of hysterical nonsense, pure Joseph McCarthy-style hate and libel.

The underlying belief in all such efforts is that if you keep throwing enough crap on the walls, some of it will stick. It was actually a technique brought to near-perfection by Dr. Joseph Goebbels

So, the drive is on to discredit and or greatly pressure the man who is almost certainly one of Europe’s most decent and fair-minded politicians.

This is a man who could no more possibly be anti-Semitic than he could abuse children or kick dogs. It is absurd to say otherwise.

You see, you are not allowed to be fair-minded about anything having to do with Israel. Being fair-minded gets you labeled as anti-Semitic.

Readers may enjoy this analysis:


John Chuckman



Israel: Five Palestinians killed and hundreds injured in clashes on border of Gaza Strip on day of protest

Military personnel say they will not allow crowds to breach fence or damage army infrastructure


Murder Incorporated is busy doing what it does best.

Hard at work keeping the inmates of its giant concentration camp called Gaza suppressed.

My God, what a destructive enterprise re-created Israel has proven to be.

Endless wars and oppression and abuse and assassination and terror and attacks on international institutions and laws.


Response to a comment:

 How does one define “peace” in such circumstances?

The word, though endlessly repeated, has no meaning in this context.

How can you speak of “peace” between those trapped in a prison camp and the heavily armed guards keeping them there?

It’s utter nonsense.


Response to a comment:

A really stupid, from-a-script response.

The minority of Palestinians who have technical citizenship are an accident of history, essentially people running from Jewish terrorists in 1948 who were trapped inside what was to become Israel.

They are not liked, they are not wanted, and they come under frequent dark threats from major figures in Israel.

Moreover, their very citizenship is a special lesser kind through a set of elaborate, almost-Talmudic rules governing the privileges of Jewish Israelis and non-Jewish Israelis. All identity documents clearly show who is a Jew and who is not. Sound familiar?

There are harsh laws in Israel about everything from marriage and children to land ownership affecting the non-Jewish “citizens.”

Avigdor Liberman and Martin van Creveld, important public figures in Israel, have both openly threatened them with expulsion, to say nothing of many disparaging remarks from others, including some rather hateful rabbis.


Response to a comment, “Killing someone with a tank shell for approaching a fence?  That sounds like plain murder”:

Not “sounds like,” is.

But it is like so many, many past cases.

Remember the entire Palestinian family wiped out by a shell on the beach?

The UN observers deliberately targeted and murdered at their post on the Lebanese border when Israel again decided to assault Lebanon?

Month in, month out, Palestinians are killed with no notice and never any justice.


Response to a comment:

 That recorded effort to unseat someone in Parliament that received publicity in Britain goes on in many political jurisdictions regularly.

The Israel Lobby has unseated members of the American Congress it does not like.

It is a terrible indictment of people claiming to embrace democracy.

Israel’s intense and continuous efforts along these lines also make all the charges about supposed Russian efforts – feeble even in the imagined charges – to influence American or British elections look silly.

Israel is in the serious business of influencing other people’s government representation, just as it is in the serious business of lobbying for anti-democratic and anti-free speech laws in America and Britain. We see this last in determined efforts to make support for peaceful boycott of Israel illegal or to control even the words a citizen of another country may use or in the effort to pass laws in other countries equating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.

John Chuckman



The UK overestimates its diplomatic clout – post-Brexit, it will be a small player on the international stage


“Let me observe only as an aside that things have come to a pretty pass when the tally for expelled diplomats – a number that is likely to be doubled when Moscow gets round to retaliating – is regarded as a benchmark of diplomatic success.”


A memorable line from Ms Dejevsky.

I’m not sure about some of the rest of this piece.

I believe the UK’s biggest risk, should Brexit be completed, will be the very real threat of becoming effectively a 51st state.

This government is already pathetically subservient to American interests – which is what the whole unsubstantiated Skripal Affair is about in the first place.

So, it will be desperate for better American arrangements after cutting its European ties.

And they can be had, of course, for a price, a very large price.

John Chuckman



“We’re Headed to War with Russia, and No One Seems to Care”


Yes, I do think we are on a trajectory for war.

It’s terrifying but simply true.

But I am not sure that no one seems to care.

It’s more of a matter of inability to do anything about it. Passivity in the face of truly mad terror.

All of the West has utterly buckled to America’s new hyper-aggressiveness. There isn’t a voice to be heard in Europe about anything important, except, “yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full,” as the American establishment tears up and burns much of the planet.

As for Americans, they have no real choices in politics. It’s a pathetic stage play of democracy. No matter who you vote for, the Washington establishment wins. Kerry vs. Bush? Romney vs Obama? Clinton vs Trump? Maybe Biden vs Trump?

There isn’t a major figure in America who stands for anything different than what we see.

Big Money buying national politics plus uncontrolled lobbyists plus a cancerous Pentagon and CIA pretty well assure the results we see. Those are the rotten building materials for today’s godawful Washington establishment.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m watching one of those magnificent old Greek tragedies in which, no matter how hard he struggles, the protagonist goes down to his fate.

John Chuckman




What is the row over Jeremy Corbyn and antisemitism about?


Response to a comment, “Antisemitism has been weaponised by those in the right of the Labour party, Labour friends of Israel and the right wing media to bash Corbyn, following on from the previous Red Corbyn campaign”:



It is nothing else.

Corbyn is not liked by the Israel Lobby, a very real force today in British affairs.

Their kind of man is Tony Blair or Owen Smith.

Blair’s ugly influence on the general public, despite many efforts by the corporate press to revive his rotting political carcass, has been destroyed. He’s widely regarded as the liar and mass killer that he is.

Owen Smith still tries, but he has always been an ineffectual and rather arrogant politician, and it was his demotion, after again trying to tell the Party leader what to do, that brought all this latest wave on.

The campaign against Corbyn has been almost continuous from his first election, just with little splutters of greater or lesser intensity.

Every Britain should ask, is it right that our democratic government and corporate press are so influenced by unproven claims from a relatively small group – a group, which never offers proof of anything and which, moreover, very much has an agenda of its own?

They also should ask, if it is true that there is so much anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, why didn’t the beloved Tony Blair root it out and create a benign environment long ago?

It couldn’t explode into being overnight, as it were, yet that is the nonsense idea contained in all of these vicious attacks on a decent man. It’s very much akin to believing in demon possession.

This is a fraud, a very unpleasant fraud, and it is using the ugly tactics supposedly discredited long ago after the fall of Senator Joseph McCarthy and his career-destroying “commie” witch hunt.

But the tactics, in fact, have not been discredited. They still work. Throw enough crap on the walls, and some of it sticks, always. That principle is as true today as ever, and it is employed just as frequently by special interest groups and governments as it was in Joseph Goebbels’ day.

That is precisely the approach of Theresa May and Boris Johnson with their accusations of poisoning, an event which for all the world seems never to have happened. If it indeed did, we have been given not a scrap of proof regarding any aspect of it. Yet the shouting and charges just keep being hurled.

Corbyn is under attack only for his fair-minded views on Israel-Palestine, but it would never do for his opponents to say that openly since its sounds ridiculous, so we have this ugly McCarthyite campaign either to intimidate him or to unseat him, something Owen Smith, of course, already has tried doing.

Of course, over the long-term, piling on unsupported charges of “anti-Semitism,” much like the crying of “Wolf!” by the unpleasant boy in the fairy tale, only serves to bring the day when most people will simply respond with, “So what?”


No one can doubt that Jeremy Corbyn is one of the most decent and thoroughly liberal-spirited politicians in the western world, and you might think he would be welcomed and greeted for that very quality, but you would be wrong. That quality is precisely why he is so hated by apologists and lobbyists for Israel.

People who do not keep up with public and international affairs may not be aware of what a term of contempt “liberal” has become in Israel. It is used almost like a four-letter word, sputtered out with contempt. Liberals are widely hated for the very qualities which define liberalism: belief in human rights and dignity and the rule of law. Clearly, the Israel we see at work could not function under such assumptions.

What you find in Israel very much parallels what you find from America’s Alt-right. On its Internet sites, the Alt-right almost cannot bring itself to use the word “liberal,” regularly substituting (pathetically childish) pejoratives like “libtards” and “snowflakes.” There obviously is no meaningful discussion possible with such people, and that is exactly the way they want things to be.

So, we have some very dark forces at work in our world, forces openly expressing contempt for fairness and decency and rule of law, forces pushing away debate or discussion, forces exhibiting extreme contempt for large groups of others, forces who want what they want regardless of how they obtain it. I do believe that gets pretty close to defining fascism.

John Chuckman



USA expels 48 Russian diplomats, EU countries to make similar decision


We live, now, in a very bizarre world.

Any ally of the US is free to assert anything, supplying absolutely no proof for their assertion, and with a story which doesn’t even add-up in many details, yet America and its allies will act as though a judge and jury had come to a legal decision following a detailed courtroom case.

This same kind of thing has happened with a number of matters in recent years.

It is in many respects stranger than the world of 1984, because it all happens with such a sense of almost everyday normality.

Of course, the EU and the US couldn’t just let Theresa May dangle in the wind after all her unsupported public assertions, so they have taken some dignity-preserving action as expelling diplomats.

In the end, the action is a big game, with Russia necessarily having to make a response expulsion of diplomats, and the net effect after a lot of sound and fury is every nation being heavily inconvenienced in their diplomatic arrangements.

I do believe I understand the underlying cause, and it has largely to do with Syria and Russia’s having blocked the Pentagon from bombing Damascus. The Americans did take Russian General Valery Gerasimov very seriously when he promised not only to target missiles but to target their points of origin, as ships. But it reflects, too, the entire recent situation from Ukraine to Syria, a situation which is very frustrating to Americans wanting their own way after having spent a lot of money.

So, the angry bullies in the Pentagon found other games to play, games called “Spies Being Poisoned without any Poison” and “Blaming a Disliked Head of Government without a Shred of Evidence.”

See, the sheer weight of numbers of all those American-allied states is supposed to shout to the world that just has to the truth, but our experience of recent years with American aggression in the Middle East and in Ukraine tells us that is not the case at all. NATO countries now do absurd things in order to support America in its destructive marches in the world. They are afraid themselves to do otherwise, and there isn’t a leader in Europe who stands on principles like the rule of law.

Europe paid a terrible price for supporting American policies in receiving floods of refugees, all of them the result of America’s setting fire to the Middle East. Germany’s leader felt so bad about the results, she hurt her own country trying to help too many refugees at once. Of course, the EU pays big money to Turkey to keep the millions they have living in camps. But in all that horror, did you ever hear one word of criticism about the people responsible for it all, the United States? No, you did not.

Again, the EU countries have seriously injured their own economies in supporting billions of dollars’ worth of punitive trade measures, all the result of arbitrary American measures against Russia for aggression in Ukraine, aggression that does not exist. But they all pretend that it does exist because they fear what even more an angry US can do to their economies.

The Europeans all carefully ignore the clear fact that the US created a coup in Ukraine against an elected government, and Russia acted in the most controlled and non-aggressive way against the attack on its border.  We even learned the cost of the coup from the ugly American Neocon, Victoria Nuland, overheard bragging to someone. The same gracious lady who once said, “Fuck Europe!”

One of the European countries I long admired for its achievements and its society, Holland, has, under this same ugly American pressure, disgraced itself with a carefully constructed effort to look as though it were conducting a fair investigation of the crash of Flight MH-17 over Ukraine.

But it became obvious it was not doing so as it ignored evidence, failed to collect many pieces of evidence on the ground, and published preliminary conclusions which do not match some facts any well-informed person is aware of. But there the fraud has been allowed to sit because that is how America wants it.

Of course, for years, Europe has pretended that America – with its allies Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, and originally Turkey – is not conducting a vast proxy war against Syria, a country which has never threatened it. Its paid mercenaries, posing as jihadis, have torn a beautiful land apart.

But you’ll never hear a European leader say that. They are all cowed into submission, lying and supporting mass killing. Britain and France actually helped in many matters from supplying armaments to bombing Syrian infrastructure while telling their own people they were fighting ISIS, a creation of the same group of American allies listed above.

France and Britain paid an additional price in “terrorist attacks” which actually are blowback, retribution against their own destructive efforts in Syria, Libya, and other places. Just look at the former President of France, Sarkozy, now under arrest for having taken large secret sums of money from Libya’s Gadhafi, a man Sarkozy turned around afterward to help murder during America’s effort to reduce a well-run Libya into bloody chaos. Can you even imagine greater hypocritical and brutal behavior, all while posing as a champion of “Western values”?

But this is our glorious Western civilization today under the domination of a hyper-aggressive United States which works desperately to gain control over everyone everywhere.

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John Chuckman



“Independent journalist Suzie Dawson has written a very important and very long (a short book really) article about Julian Assange. In a nutshell it says that he is undisputedly a hero”


And I agree with Ms Dawson.

Assange is one of our few genuine heroes, an international hero.

We never see the mislabeled Nobel Peace Prize going to people of such courage in the cause of what is right.

No, we see a long list of mediocrities, questionable characters, and even terrorists – all people who essentially serve American imperial interests.

Like Dr. Stockmann in Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People,” he is made to suffer just for revealing what is wrong.

You aren’t allowed by power to do that. Just look at the complete fabric of lies we live under with Syria, Israel, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the Democratic Party, etc., etc.

Readers may enjoy:


John Chuckman



“Jeremy Corbyn is ‘figurehead’ for antisemitism”


What a sickening, lowlife thing to say about a thoroughly decent man. Even though the actual metaphor used is rather confused in its meaning, the vile intention is clear. I suppose the confused words arrive from excessive bile.

If Corbyn weren’t a politician, he would be able to sue the person saying that successfully for libel, but politicians, of course, can’t do that. They must take the insults and filth without flinching.

The reason for this new round of filth is simple. It is just more of what we have experienced ever since Corbyn came to power.

Wave after wave of Senator Joe McCarthy-style accusations against an honest and decent man.

Corbyn has a fairly balanced view on Israel and Palestine.

He is fair-minded on that as we have seen he is fair-minded on so many things.

But, you see, you are not permitted to be fair-minded on that topic. You must be a Tony Blair, as it were. Tony Blair was more than just okay, winning as he did all kinds of accolades and sinecures and the million-dollar Israel “Peace” Prize.

So, the Israel Lobby in Britain – and we well know well from recent revelations and recordings that there is just such a thing which arrogantly works to seat or unseat members of Parliament –  has worked itself into a sweat for the last year or so, trying to make Corbyn uncomfortable and very aware of its power.

He’s not going to be allowed to be elected in a general election without having been subjected to immense pressure and difficulty, something for him to keep in mind when he tries leading a country on behalf of all its people’s interests, rather than those of a special interest lobby.

We saw this when he had to win his leadership all over again against a Lobby darling like Owen Smith.

Well, you see, Corbyn has just sacked Owen Smith from his frontbench position for trying to tell the leader how he should be doing things, so a price is to be paid.


Response to a comment:

That’s exactly what has been going on since Corbyn was first elected leader.

If you remember, even the leader of Israel’s Labour Party chimed in with a stupid public letter on the subject of anti-Semitism being tolerated in the party of another country.

As though he knew anything about the matter.

Of course, he didn’t know what he was talking about, but he was cued by the Lobby in Britain to offer his views.

It was a demonstration of immense arrogance and just plain dishonesty, especially coming from a leader in a country running a concentration camp like Gaza there for all to see.

Talk about injustice and abuse of human rights.


Response to a comment whose tone and wording were clearly that of a paid Israeli commenter:

Thanks, Tel Aviv.

You guys really do focus on stories in The Independent, don’t you?

There’s nothing needing attention in your own country, I guess?

Not an openly corrupt Prime minister? Not threats against a peaceful, agreement-abiding Iran? Not threats against Lebanon? Not threats against Syria? Not the turning away of black refugees because Mr. and Mrs. Netanyahu do not want them living in the neighborhood? Not friendship with the murderous new ruler of Saudi Arabia? Not friendship with the dictator in Egypt? Not the horrors of the concentration camp you run in Gaza?

John Chuckman



“The Fall of California: Within two generations the greatest place on earth has become a proverbial “shithole.””


Well, it’s not just California.

Isn’t that what Americans do to most of the places they go?

Vietnam? Iraq? Syria? Libya? Ukraine?

And look at the countless ghettos and rotting dumps across America.

God, it’s practically a national pastime.

John Chuckman



Yemen is entering its fourth year of war – when will the suffering end?


Maybe, just maybe, when Britain and Canada and other NATO allies stop selling hundreds of tons of costly weapons to one of the world’s worst governments, Saudi Arabia?

Here is a government which not only kills and suppresses some of its own people, it conducts bloody war in Yemen and Syria.

Its new Crown Prince usurped his position, kidnapped a bunch of other princes, and held them to ransom for many billions.

Yet we sell them weapons, just unbelievable amounts of weapons.

But it’s all just fine because women now can drive cars in Saudi Arabia?

Or is it really because a new hyper-aggressive United States says, “Do it or else, because these guys are helping with my dirty work”?

John Chuckman



“Joe Biden speaks on 2020 presidential bid: ‘We’re in a battle for the soul of this nation’

“’I have to be able to stand in front of a mirror and know that if I don’t run, it’s not because I’m afraid of losing, it’s because there’s somebody better to do it’”


There is some truth in Biden’s assertion, but what a shame there is no one better to take his place.

He’s a smiling old phony, a creepy, total loyalist to Pentagon-CIA interests.

There’s no salvation here, believe me, just a change of style.


Response to a comment “Old groping Jo the darling of the Left’:

You are only partly right.

He is not a “darling of the left.” He’s loyal establishment, through and through. Always has been, no exceptions, and he’s done some pretty ugly stuff.

But he IS a groper. There is a whole series of videos on the Internet. The guy can’t keep his hands to himself when there’s a woman around to paw. It is well-known.

The most important fact about Biden, however, one many in Britain may not know, is his total loyalty to the Pentagon-security establishment.

As just one example, it was Biden who convinced Obama to initiate America’s current industrial-scale extrajudicial killing program. He pleaded for it quite forcefully.

He didn’t get that Medal of Freedom from Obama in the last days for nothing. By the way, that’s the same award given to ruthless Neocon killer, Madeleine Albright.

It’s considered an extremely high award in the US. You have to do a lot of killing and groveling to get it, much like Tony Blair’s Israel Peace Prize.

I don’t know about you, but for me, smiles and nice words just don’t sit well on a mass killer.

Of course, what choice does America really have? This creepy killer of the creepy killer now sitting in the Oval Office?

That’s called democracy in America. Choice between a smiling killer-for-empire of a scowling killer-for-empire.

John Chuckman



Iran considers turning to China and Russia after Trump appointments of ‘super hawks’ Bolton and Pompeo

‘Americans are pushing for harder policies towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and we need to strengthen our view towards the East, especially China and Russia,’


It would be a wise move for Iran.

I’m not sure about the extent of Russian and Chinese openness to closer relations, but I think this potential bloc offers a lot of strengths to oppose the clearly hostile intentions of Washington.

Iran is such an interesting case. It is a state that has shown no aggression in its entire modern history. It takes measures to defend itself, sure, but it has no record of aggression. Yet it is ceaselessly accused and threatened.

And, indeed, its revolution was only in response to a bloody tyrant, the Shah, who had been put into power by an American coup against a democratic government toppled in the 1950s.

Yes, Iran has attacked no one while indeed being attacked and fighting for its survival in the American-inspired Iran-Iraq War, which of course involved the use of American-supplied chemical weapons to prevent Iran from winning.

Tens of thousands of Iranians were poisoned by Saddam doing America’s dirty work. It was a strategy by America of bleeding both sides. They didn’t want Saddam “getting too big for breeches” either.

Attacked no one, unlike the state which has openly threatened Iran many, many times, done covert operations against it, and closely studied – spending millions preparing a few years ago – plans to attack it.

That state is Israel, which has a long history of open hatred and hostility towards Iran.

Why should that be? Because Iran is a very large and potentially wealthy state which just naturally has influence and relations throughout the region, no different than, say, France in Europe.

But Israel thinks it is entitled to dominate the region, and it deeply resents Iran, calling all of its relationships by hostile and sinister names.

And we must remember it is Israel which literally has attacked every neighbor that it has, some of them several times. It is Israel that holds millions against their will. And it is Israel that has ignored and expressed contempt for dozens of United Nations Resolutions. It is also Israel that only has good relations in the region with tyrants or absolute monarchs who toe the American line.

Israel is able to do all this courtesy of the world’s modern great bully standing behind it. What the bully gets out of the relationship is a colony in the Mideast, a willing helper in dark plots.


Response about a comment saying “West has lost the war in Syria, debacle looms that Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya will end as Syria”:


West has lost?

Who is “the West”?

Israel? Saudi Arabia? Turkey?

And how can you “lose” what never was yours?

“The West” is a propaganda expression right out of the Cold War, and its use today always denotes dishonest thinking. So, too, words about “loosing” countries, as the United States used to speak of “losing China.”


John Chuckman



A Truly Historical Month for the Future of Our Planet


Some of the language here is definitely over-the-top in my view, but the writer has captured a basic truth in his timeline of events.

The manufactured events in Britain over nerve gas poisoning – whether it actually happened or not we have no assurance other than the words of a government committed to the principles of the detested Tony Blair – are a response to the march of events in Syria and perhaps in Ukraine.

The long and costly efforts in both places are off the rails. These efforts have always been the work of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, and, at least originally, Turkey. The work of tens of thousands of people and billions of dollars is pretty much going nowhere.

It is very interesting that in the current British madhouse of accusations coming from Theresa May and her court jester, Boris Johnson, Trump has only given the vaguest support. He has not, at least yet, joined the hectoring.

I truly do believe that Putin knows something highly embarrassing about Trump, but keeps it secure in his vest pocket. That is why Trump is reluctant to jump in with personal accusations. After all, Trump is a man who shows no reluctance most of the time about jumping in to anything with anyone, usually with both feet, and insulting people. He is a man of very low character.

He, of course, also – after a delay of two days, a decent nod of respect for the outrageous claims of his ally in Britain – congratulated Putin on his reelection despite what we know was the contrary advice of staff. Even the leak about the staff advice is revealing. Those things don’t happen by accident.

So, the Theresa and Boris Show will keep making noise until it runs out of gas or people show their boredom with the act, but I doubt it is really going anywhere. Europe too is giving an ally a decent nod of recognition, but there seems no prospect for acting seriously on the claims. To say the least, it would be a new low to take serious actions on the basis of unsupported accusations.



A local Salisbury doctor on the scene of the “attack” described the condition of the daughter as slumped and vomiting and having lost control of her bowels. The doctor treated her for about thirty minutes, including clearing her airway while others helped her father. There were no signs of any chemicals nor was the doctor affected by handling the daughter extensively. Emergency services at the scene suspected the narcotic drug fentanyl, something with which they have some familiarity.

John Chuckman



“Proof he American Dream Has Been Indefinitely Deferred”


Oh please, “The American Dream” is an advertising slogan from the 1950s.

It never had any substance beyond the sheer fact that in postwar America people could rise far more quickly than they could in other parts of a world where so many countries had been flattened.

It never had anything to do with any special merits of being American, although simple people and propagandists allowed themselves to slip into thinking that way.

But, in case you hadn’t noticed, it is not the 1950s anymore. Countries that were once flattened are now thriving and competing.

This marks an immensely important change in the world.

And the truth is that the United States can’t even effectively compete in many cases. Its costs are too high, its products are limited or inferior, its products often just don’t suit others, and it wastes vast sums on its bloated military and on meaningless wars.

Many Americans, actually believing in fairy tales like “The American Dream,” simply cannot “get their heads around” those facts.

Americans resemble kids raised in an indulgent, well-off family that now, after years of excess, has gone bankrupt and cannot sustain anything like the life they once knew. The kids just cannot take in the new reality. They pretend it just isn’t so, that what has happened only reflects the doings of evil neighbors who must be put in their place.

They are angry, you can feel it, and it’s a good part of why they support Trump and are ready to support hostile and aggressive measures in a delusional effort to try winning back the 1950s. That anger also comes out in attitudes towards migrants and refugees.

“Make America Great Again” is nothing but a new slogan built on anger and delusions. It is offered by a leader who is ignorant of economics, ignorant of history, ignorant of diplomacy, but who is packed with attitudes and fantasy notions.

Just one of his many fantasies is his often-expressed belief in his own courage, but there is not a courageous moment in the entire life of this man. He is a bully, and bullies are always cowards.

But “Make America Great Again” is not going to happen. It literally is impossible to go back in time almost three-quarters of a century.

Not only that, but much of the situation in which America finds itself reflects innumerable bad choices over the years by a spoiled and navel-gazing establishment. They have learned no lessons, none at all.

They, too, expect a world that is no more, and that fact is the basis for the influence of the Neocons with which Trump has become so completely entangled. Their basic credo is that America should use its strength to dominate everywhere. It’s a national World Bully Policy.

No, Trump’s slogan is not going to take America back in time to what was. Where it could take us though is a world of trade wars and real shooting wars, and that’s just the direction in which The Great Orange One seems headed, full-steam ahead.



John Chuckman



‘Pouring kerosene on hot coal’: 4 takeaways on John Bolton, Trump’s hawkish new security adviser

Key storylines to watch from Trump’s new appointment of John Bolton


Simply unbelievable.

The only good thing we once expected from Trump was some diminishment of the role of the destructive Neocons in Washington.

The Neocons are the people who have put America on the bloody rampage that it has been on for about the last 15 years, bombing half a dozen countries, toppling governments, killing about 2 million people and creating millions of refugees who nearly destabilized Europe, as well as pursuing and threatening Russia as though it were an enemy.

The basic drive of these people is to have the United States use its power to push its supremacy everywhere in the world. They make no apologies for war. They are almost mindless defenders of Israel and its abuses and recognize virtually no legitimacy to the rights and claims of the Palestinians. They are not averse to the idea of war with Iran.

Well, here’s the Great Orange One appointing one of their greatest, most unpleasant fanatics, John Bolton, a man whose career is littered with ugly statements.

And this comes after two other genuinely grotesque appointments.

Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State and Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Pompeo is a total warmonger and Haspel has been called the godmother of the CIA’s vast torture program. She actually ran one of their black sites, and there is warrant for her arrest in Germany for war crimes.

I genuinely fear for the future. These appointments are straight from hell.


John Chuckman



Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House review – the Deep Throat riddle

Liam Neeson’s heroic portrayal of the FBI boss who helped topple Nixon following Watergate, doesn’t quite wash

“The Man Who Brought Down the White House review – the Deep Throat riddle”


I don’t think there’s much of a riddle.

The movie appears to be very thin on history.

First, Mark Felt was no hero. He was classic Hoover-era FBI, my career over anything else. Hoover himself set that standard.

And I think there is little basis for crediting Felt with bringing down the President. His role was almost marginal, although it made a lot of press at the time, and The Washington Post just relished its theatrical position, serving both to enhance a public image of great, deep journalism while at the same time quietly serving the cause, as it were, of bringing down or, at least, embarrassing Nixon.

Katharine Graham was CIA-connected, and her Editor, Ben Bradlee, may well have been career CIA. There are many suggestive connections.

The Post’s reporting team of Woodward and Bernstein, who met with Mark Felt (Deep Throat) regularly, became almost pop stars at the time, but few knew Woodward had intelligence work in his background. His career in writing since is heavily weighted with persuasive work for the establishment in Washington.

Nixon virtually certainly was the victim of a CIA black operation. The CIA no longer trusted Nixon for several reasons.

So, they put out the idea that there was some irresistible stuff to be had at the Democrats’ Watergate Offices.

And they had James McCord join Nixon’s “Plumber’s Unit,” an alternative security private service Nixon created and not something greatly appreciated by the boys at Langley.

McCord was former CIA, and once CIA, always CIA. It’s like being a “made man” in the Mafia or a tattooed Yakuza in Japan. Other members of the break-in team, like Frank Sturgis, were former Cuban-refugee fighter types, a group almost entirely financed by CIA. They were recruited by Howard Hunt, who was CIA and had worked with them.

McCord was a lifelong technical pro, yet somehow, he made the amazing blunder that created the entire scandal, the sloppy taping of the office door so that a security guard spotted it easily.

You could say, Nixon brought himself down because he never had to take the bait concerning the Watergate, but he couldn’t resist. To this day, there are several speculations on what they expected to discover. One of them is stuff concerning the Kennedy assassination, a topic about which Nixon was long intensely, almost morbidly, curious.


John Chuckman



“Europe needs a collective defence strategy to counter Russia”


“We need to stand together against Putin. If we don’t, he will become emboldened in his war with our liberal democracies”

Well, they write this kind of stuff all the time in Langley, Virginia, in the hopes of getting it “out there,” but that doesn’t mean a newspaper with any integrity needs to publish it.

The article could almost be a parody of disinformation.

Putin is a threat to no one.

The United States is killing people in half a dozen countries, has military bases in literally hundreds of places, and its creature, NATO, effectively occupies Europe without firing a shot.

Russia spends about $50 billion a year on its military, enough to see to its own proper defense.

The United States spends $700 billion a year, about as much as the rest of the planet combined.

The United States also spends vast (secret) amounts on its 17 national security agencies, with the CIA, for example, serving almost as a second armed force, a non-uniformed covert one that interferes in the internal affairs of countless countries and gets involved in coups to overthrow governments it doesn’t like.

If you just compare the language from Washington and Moscow, you find Moscow talking about “partners and projects and mutual respect.

You find Washington talking about threats and enemies and opponents and “full-spectrum dominance.”

It’s an amazing and eye-opening comparison to make, and the results are about as far as you can go from the unsupported language of this article.

John Chuckman



“Russian ambassador on nerve agent claims: UK has ‘record of misleading international community’”


Yes, the Russian Ambassador is right.

Really, what else can you say about the invasion of Iraq or the terrible covert efforts in Syria?

And as for the Hitler comparison, it is offensive, deeply offensive.

Russia (then the USSR) suffered 27 million deaths owing to Hitler’s massive, all-out invasion. It was total war, something few have ever experienced.

The number makes the losses from that war of any other country seem almost trivial by comparison. The US, for example, lost less than 300 thousand (about one-percent of Russian losses) in the entire war (although someone with no history could be forgiven for thinking from Hollywood films that America suffered terribly and that it almost single-handedly won the war).

It was Russia who actually defeated Hitler with events like the greatest, bloodiest battle in all of human history at Stalingrad, the greatest tank battle in all of history at Kursk, and the heroism of withstanding the long and terrible siege of Leningrad.

I can’t believe Boris Johnson has said something so idiotic, so prejudiced, and so offensive – the words of an ugly bully schoolboy, not a foreign minister, not even a complete human being.

This newspaper often goes on periodically about presumed anti-Semitism here or there, generally without a scrap of evidence.

But it is okay to so openly malign the people who actually defeated Hitler by uncritically publishing such outrageous stuff?

Boris Johnson should resign. Full stop.

And Britain’s press needs to get a grip on itself. Some of the stuff you publish is no better than the ravings from a lunatic asylum or, indeed, common gutter literature.

John Chuckman



“Unhappy Anniversary: Today marks 15 years since Bush started the war on Iraq and 7 years since Obama began the war on Libya—both based on lies and deception.”


Yes, unhappy anniversary indeed.

The root cause of both was the American-Israeli relationship.

America committed, years ago, to assisting in “the birth of a new Middle East.” Those are Condi Rice’s words.

The phrase may freely be translated as “creating a Middle East completely compliant to America and its Mideast colony, aka, Israel.”

It implied destroying independent-minded leaders like Qaddafi or Assad, and it implied breaking up some of the region’s countries. It also implied killing a lot of people and creating a lot of misery.

America, over the last decade and a half, has killed at least two million people, injured countless others, and reduced millions to desperate refugees.

The poor refugees, in turn, came close to destabilizing Europe, but the US never lifted a finger to assist in the horror it created.

Pathetic European politicians like Angela Merkel were only trying to assuage their own consciences over toeing the line on atrocious American policies which caused so much human desperation by letting in vast numbers of refugees.

The real cause for setting fire to the Middle East has nothing to do with notions like gold dinars, just as the invasion of Iraq had nothing directly to do with crude oil, although that claim was made countless times by critics of the invasion. It is disinformation to confuse people, and it works, it does confuse them.

America has become a complete enabler for the aggression and oppression we’ve unfortunately seen from the very start of re-created Israel. More than an enabler, it has become a powerful willing helper. The cost in human terms of this twisted relationship has been immense.

The relationship is also behind much of the America-Russia poison because Israel and its supporters, the Neocons, resent Russia’s ability to somewhat check American total dominance, and American aggressive dominance is the absolute cornerstone principle of the Neocons. They feel Israel is only secure with a giant bully always standing right behind it, and the bully goes along because its own establishment has the dangerous fantasy of always wanting it to be 1953 with America supreme in the world.

And the cost of the relationship may yet become far, far greater as Trump and his bosom buddy, Netanyahu, cast deadly looks towards Iran. Trump, despite some reasonable sounds made during his campaign, has become the most supine President ever for Israel’s demands and interests. He is literally America’s first Doormat President.

It’s just part of the reason I call him an utter coward, despite all his noise and bluster and pretended bravery on other matters. He loves sounding like a big tough guy, as he grimaces and tweets from his bed, but he bent like a frail twig to the Pentagon, the CIA, and the Israel Lobby almost from his first day of power. He literally peed his pants when he should have shown toughness.

John Chuckman



“When Putin won in 2012, Russians took to the streets. Why not this time?”


I guess CIA just wasn’t up to the effort.

It’s just too distracted with all their many other dirty projects interfering with other people’s domestic affairs.

The fact is the 2012 demonstrations were pitifully small.

It was totally unimpressive to see that there were that number of dissatisfied citizens in a country with a population almost three times the size of France.

The truth is, as has been said below, that Putin is popular, far more popular with his people than May or Trump or Macron are with theirs. Far more.

And why shouldn’t he be? He has pulled that gigantic country from the abyss and set it on a path of pride and success. I wasn’t aware governments were ever capable of more than that.

Dissatisfied people are everywhere, including very much in the United States and in Britain.

It would be easy for a foreign power to finance and encourage hundreds of thousands, even millions, to demonstrate against government in the United States.

The only reason they don’t do so is intimidation and the very real possibility of some form of retaliation from America’s vast chain of security services – 17 different ones, including FBI and CIA and NSA.

Just think of all the unhappy populations in the US.

Mexican migrants in the Southwest. Blacks in ghettos like Detroit and New Orleans and Newark and Philadelphia. Various Arian churches and other bizarre extremists in the far West. Gun nuts wherever who think their rights are about to be taken. Native Americans in many states. And these would be on top of all the regular range of political and economic discontent.

America could populate a small country with all the people who are unhappy with its government.

I find it a rather unimaginative effort to impugn Russia over the fact there are some unsatisfied citizens. Welcome to the real world, the dissatisfied you have with you always to paraphrase a verse in the New Testament.