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“The Case That 9/11 Was an Israeli Attack on the US Is ‘Overwhelmingly Strong’

” … the attacks must have been the work of a highly sophisticated organization with access to advanced military technology …”


Overall, a somewhat confusing article, sprawling, as it does, in many directions and reaching satisfactory conclusions in virtually none.

I do find the following, however, very interesting:

“I would argue that the only important aspect of these technical issues is whether the overall evidence is sufficiently strong to establish the falsehood of the official 9/11 narrative and also demonstrate that the attacks must have been the work of a highly sophisticated organization with access to advanced military technology rather than rag-tag band of 19 Arabs armed with box-cutters. Beyond that, none of those details matter.”

I believe we do have such evidence, or perhaps I should more accurately say we have many tidbits and anecdotes that such evidence did exist. Unfortunately, virtually all real evidence, of the kind you might present in court, was deliberately destroyed or disposed of.

Beams showing clear evidence of destructive effects other than those caused by aviation jet fuel burning, for example. Officials made a mad rush to dispose of it all permanently. We have only testimonies and some photographs.

I don’t know who actually “did” 9/11, but I know to a certainty it wasn’t the rag-tag guys with box-cutters. Clearly, Israel had interests in these events. Clearly Israel was present in various fashions before and during the event – the dancing spies on the moving van and the roving band of Israeli “art students.”

And the known presence of at least two Mossad groups following the “box-cutter” guys around suggests a number of things. One, of course, is, why they would not warn the United States, as through CIA contacts, about what was underway? But perhaps they did.

Virtually all such Mossad operations in the United States are either known or “permitted” by CIA. CIA often uses outsiders like Mossad where it might be difficult to operate directly itself.

We also had, near the time of the events, the highly suggestive testimony of an American diplomatic official about the very large number of visas his post had been pressured to issue to mysterious Middle Eastern characters.

We also recently had the fascinating, although little noted in the press, death-bed confession of a demolition contractor for CIA who swore he wired Building 7 for controlled demolition. And, of course, the images of its falling corroborate such a story. It was a text-book example of controlled demolition, even the speed of the collapse, which has been carefully measured, supporting the idea.

You know, we have had many instances of the American government working against the apparent interests of ordinary Americans in the pursuit of world-empire goals for America’s power establishment. I don’t know why anyone automatically rejects the possibility, given the record.

The pursuit of world empire is a huge and extremely brutal topic, and it involves many activities which are kept as dark secrets.

The events around Israel’s desperately serious attempt to sink the USS Liberty, American surveillance ship, in 1967 have never been explained. Lyndon Johnson just shut everything down and everyone up, which was very odd behavior for a man of his furious temperament, virtually the opposite of what you would expect.

He clearly was either complicit ahead in the effort or he was blackmailed over other matters by Israel. In either case, a very important event has never been explained, and the strange behavior of an American President around acts or war remains a complete mystery.

The same for the entire Six Day War, so clearly a deliberately-planned event which Israel knew it could easily win and which effectively gave Israel its longed-for Greater Israel. Of course, it also gave the world the horrible suppurating wound of Israel’s occupation and endless abuse of several million people, which continues to this day.

The same for the invasion of Iraq. There was absolutely no clear or compelling reason to invade, destroying an advanced and stable Arab society for generations. There were no “weapons of mass destruction,” as weapons inspectors and other experts clearly told us ahead of time.

Hussein was awful, but he was no more awful than plenty of dictators America has worked with and continues to work with. Indeed, at times, America covertly worked closely with him.

If Iraq had been allowed to continue its advance – it was advancing rapidly, and matters like women’s rights and a secular state were far better off there than in such states as good American friends, Saudi Arabia and Egypt – the time would have come, after Hussein, for peaceful transition to another form of government. No, someone simply wanted Iraq’s token pushed off the game board.

As for Saddam Hussein’s mini-invasion of Kuwait, we saw an actual video of the American ambassador meeting ahead of events with Saddam Hussein and effectively nodding acceptance of the idea without actually uttering quotable words.

Everyone understood that Hussein wanted that tiny enclave of Kuwait, which was artificially carved out of Iraq and which caused many conflicts with Iraq over shared or close-by oil fields. It was a very shady business, highly suggestive of the United States deliberately setting Hussein up for invasion.

By the way, after that destructive and largely pointless invasion, George Bush made a little-noted comment about Ariel Sharon who was pressuring him to go after other Arab states (all pretty well the ones now destroyed by the Neo-con Wars in the Middle East, another set of conflicts completely at odds with the interests of ordinary Americans). Bush said something along the lines of, “Geez, what’s the guy want? I invaded Iraq for him!”

And the invasion of Afghanistan. It simply made no sense. The Taleban are not charming people, but they were in no way responsible. Indeed, the Taleban government was willing to extradite Osama bin Laden if provided some evidence of his involvement, providing such evidence being the normal procedure in extradition cases.

But the United States arbitrarily refused, and just plunged ahead with a pointless and destructive invasion. And, to this day, despite endless blubbering by politicians and the establishment press, we have never been provided with one solid piece of evidence for bin Laden’s guilt.

There are many such events in the march of empire by America. They go unexplained, and the CIA disinformation people even provided us the demeaning phrase, “conspiracy theorists” back in the late 1960s to use on anyone asking questions then about Kennedy’s assassination, another never-explained major event, the official explanation being as flimsy and unsubstantial as that for 9/11.


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