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“How the liberal tide turned against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

“Assange ‘proselytized about radical transparency’ but some critics call him a ‘pawn’”


This is just a shabby article, sort of gently attacking a man millions regard as a hero, as I certainly do.

It has very little factual content and a lot of “they say.” It still manages to drag in the Russians. Ugh, you should be ashamed.


Truth has become a crime.

Of course, it’s the nature of the American empire, waging dirty wars and arranging coups and threatening people, everywhere. The earth’s great bully, now.

It doesn’t acknowledge these things. It pretends it is doing something other than what it is or it flat-out lies. It still talks a steady stream of nonsense about human and democratic rights, but for thinking people, it is pure cloudcuckooland.

It requires a lot of lying to cover all the filth of their present level of activity. But they are completely supported by a dog-loyal corporate press and since virtually all the politicians are bought-and-paid-for in a corrupt campaign fund and lobbying system, there are few questions.

“Allies” too. Can you even imagine our present national government saying a word, or even so much as clearing its throat before making some bland statement? The folks who say not a word about Saudi horrors and keep selling them armored cars? The folks who actually assist American efforts to overthrow an elected government in Venezuela? The folks who never speak a word about the horrors inflicted on Syria and Yemen? No, there certainly won’t be any objections coming from Canada.

Likely, every step of this is illegal too. Secret police entering an embassy? A country taking back official refugee status? And doing so in return for a big fat loan from the United States? A secret trial since they’ve now mixed in the Chelsea Manning secret material?

We are seeing police state tactics, but we have those almost every day now from good old America.


Response to another comment:

Yes, the United States at the national government level has become a lunatic asylum. Laughable, if it weren’t so very dangerous.

Hillary had a new excuse every week for months. Insiders, more than once, have said she just couldn’t accept that she is not liked and she was not a strong choice. A bizarre, big-mouthed, flat-footed newcomer like Trump should never have stood a chance, but he did, and he did because of her.

She stuck with the anti-Russian crap because it ties in nicely with the anti-Russian hysteria America’s establishment has underway. She’s totally without principles, a fact reinforced by some of her infamous quotes.

Remember, she once said of Assange, “Can’t we just drone him or something?” Unbelievable for so senior a person to say to others, but of course today we hear these kinds of things and worse daily from Pompeo and Bolton and Co.

And of Gaddafi – a man whether you liked him or not, who gave his people everything from free education to clean water, and he kept the country out of wars – she said, after his brutal, brutal murder (there is an unwatchable bit of video),  “We came, we saw, he died! Ha, ha, ha!” A truly ruthless person of no principle.

Our last great investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh, told us that part of what she was doing at Benghazi was collecting weapons and thugs to send to Syria for overturning that country too. She actually had a small batch of Libya’s nerve-gas stocks secretly shipped for that purpose, to give Obama his “red line” to bomb the crap out of Syria.

A woman of absolutely no honor or principle. And about as “liberal” as Stephen Harper.


Response to another comment:

Trump really lives in a fantasy world.

He says whatever he likes, often with no basis in fact and often contradicting what he said a short time before.

And he expects people to embrace his words, or he has no use for them.

Just the most bizarre man to hold such authority in my lifetime.

George Bush was an absurd and dishonest figure, but this man definitely has a form of mental illness.


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