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John Chuckman



“Donald Trump blames Barack Obama over Russia’s annexation of Crimea”

Well, if Obama isn’t to blame for Crimea, who is? Of course, using the word “annexation” is not factually accurate and deliberately provocative, but, whatever you choose to call the set of events, Obama is unquestionably responsible.

He instigated a stupid coup against an elected government in Ukraine.

We know, thanks to arrogant big-mouth Victoria Nuland, formerly of the State Department, that the CIA blew $5 billion on the project.

In order to make it happen, all kinds of weird right-wing militias and crypto-Nazis were used, the same kind of people that you may easily find living in Aryan Nation compounds or abandoned missile silo sites across the Western United States. Only Ukraine’s ugly tribes are heavily armed and financed, many having military uniforms and regalia, thanks to Obama and the CIA.

These ugly folks still threaten Ukraine’s internal security, including Poroshenko’s own rule and life. Poroshenko, America’s appointed seemingly-decent face of the coup, likely lives in more secret fear of these nasty groups than he does from Russia, but he can’t say that or he’d be through. So, he blubbers on about Russia to keep the plug-uglies happy, both those from outfits like the Azov Battalion and from the CIA.

The government America installed proved utterly incompetent and block-headed, trying among other things to suppress the Russian language, which is the language of nearly one-third of the nation’s residents.

Well, you can’t carry on like that without consequences. So, Russian speakers in two regions rebelled and did so successfully.

The coup-government of Ukraine proved so divided and incompetent that it failed in trying to suppress the rebellions, despite having overwhelming superiority in numbers and weapons.

The people of Crimea, who are overwhelmingly Russian-speakers and have a history as part of Russia since Catherine the Great, only being joined to Ukraine as an administrative move under the former USSR, opted for independence from Ukraine and for renewing their centuries-old ties to Russia.

Their efforts were at least as legitimate as those in Kosovo or indeed what eventually happened to East Germany, where, by the way, Mrs. Merkel grew up.

The battle in Eastern Ukraine, still going on, is kept alive by crypto-Nazi outfits like the Azov Battalion, outfits the central government cannot really control. There are other such large organizations, too, such as the Right Sector.

The incompetent central government tried hard to raise levies of men in Western Ukraine, but people there just ran away, wanting nothing to do with the army and an unnecessary war.

Of course, along the way with so many other disasters, the incompetents running Ukraine managed to shoot down a civilian airliner, MH-17, but the US stepped in and largely made the consequences disappear. Clearly, the public shock at the truth would have collapsed the infant coup government, so a couple of years later we have an American-pressured Dutch investigation which, after a record of extreme carelessness in even collecting evidence, still has solved nothing in a case which should have taken weeks.

Ukraine’s economy has done nothing but seriously decline. It cannot even pay for adequate energy supplies. And the break-away Eastern provinces have now nationalized Ukrainian industrial assets in their regions and ceased shipping coal to Ukraine.

The main lesson to be learned from all of this is that it is absolutely stupid and destructive to do what Obama did in Ukraine. I believe American officials in private actually understand that, but they do not want to be embarrassed over an admission of such complete failure and pretty much hate Putin for outplaying them in geopolitical chess.

If you recall, at the end of the Vietnam War, a truly pointless ten-year long exercise in massive brutality, American officials were so angry and embarrassed about having lost that they wouldn’t talk to the Vietnamese for years and never paid the war reparations they were obliged to pay. Immense power such as America’s comes with immense arrogance.

Obama was largely incompetent in foreign affairs, and by listening to the wrong people in Washington, he managed to kill several hundred thousand and destroy the lives of millions. The bodies produced by his policies lie rotting in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Eastern Ukraine, and a few other spots. The millions of refugees he created are huddled in temporary shelters at various locations, and their very movements in such large numbers have helped destabilize the EU and create waves of bad feelings against refugees in the West.

But the corporate press still treats Obama as a worthy figure. He is always in their pages and broadcasts the smiling-boy face with a good heart. That fact should tell us all something.

John Chuckman



“lib·er·al·ism (lĭb′ər-ə-lĭz′əm, lĭb′rə-)

“A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority.

“An economic theory in favor of laissez-faire, the free market, and the gold standard.

“Now what part of this definition fit the behavior and actions you describe as liberal? When did you decide to change the definition of liberal?”

I completely agree with that comment by “spirittoo,” on the definition of Liberals. Saying anything else is just nonsense, but we do hear and read a lot of nonsense on the subject, especially from Americans.

For much of my adult life, the word, “liberal,” has been twisted and abused beyond recognition in America.

There’s long been what I can only call an intense, years-long hate campaign, and it is difficult to understand just why that should be.

The great irony is most of the people or institutions referred to in all the spew of hatred are not even liberal, by any stretch of the imagination.

Hillary, queen of corruption and killer, a liberal? Obama, the mass killer, a liberal? The New York Times, the establishment’s official propaganda machine and supporter of every single imperial war, liberal?

America in fact has damned few real liberals. It is not a nurturing place for liberal values.

I can only guess that all that stream of sewerage aimed at liberals is intended to keep America as unfriendly a place for them as possible. It serves as a kind of preventative spraying.

But it is strange, and it can’t help but remind me of the visceral hatred of liberals we often see from Israel or apologists for Israel. Liberals are, of course, hated there because they are the kind of people who oppose suppression of rights, anti-democratic behavior, abuse, and aggression, and they are also the kind of people who speak up on such matters, and their words go head-on against the official myth of Israel as the Middle East’s only democracy, indeed it is often phrased the Mideast’s only liberal democracy.

Could the hatred for liberals in America come from similar dark places? I think it quite possible because America, despite its official advertising brochures about rights and liberty, is in fact the metropolitan center of a world empire.

Now, empires are not generally known as places overly friendly to rights and liberty and democratic values, and this particular empire is held together, and its rules are enforced, by the world’s most terrifying military machine and a set of secret security organizations which make the former East Germany’s Stasi seem a troupe of amateur bumblers.

It is hard to see a rational explanation otherwise for all the endless ranting about “liberals,” although I do accept that irrationality plays a considerable part in American politics.

However, the article’s point about Obama having done the same to Merkel is a true and important one: her personal phone was indeed tapped, just as Trump says his was.

By all accounts, when she first found out, she was quite upset and required some considerable soothing of her ruffled feathers.

So there is very little reason to doubt Obama tapped Trump’s phone, too, no matter what various hack officials may assert otherwise. After all, the business of spies is lying, at least a major part of it.

Many people just do not seem to grasp that Obama is a very dark figure and nothing like his public persona of smiling-faced bright boy.

I’ve long felt he is likely CIA, as, we know to a certainty, was George Bush pere.

Nothing could make CIA happier than having a “made man” in the executive mansion.

Who else kills thousands of women and children as Obama has done while smiling except a psychopath, and who is a bigger employer of bright psychopaths in the United States than the CIA?

Obama’s whole business of starting up the massive extrajudicial assassination program – which, please note, is run by CIA – screams CIA associations.

There are holes in his resume a number have noted, as we might expect from a CIA recruit.

The whole blurriness around his birth also supports this notion. The CIA often plays with the official records of its people to fog-up their backgrounds.


On the subject of liberals in America, readers may enjoy these analyses:



John Chuckman



“America’s Founding Fathers, I submit, would vehemently disagree.’

Not that I am an Obama admirer, far from it, but this piece is silly rubbish.

I do not understand anyone quoting some guys from over two centuries ago on vital issues of our own day.

Would you quote any of them on how to run a big estate? With slaves, of course.

Would you quote any of them on the best way to maintain your carriage?

Or about heating and cooling your house?

I actually do understand it, but the truth is sad.

The Patriot types are people embracing a religion, for this kind of Americanism is a religion as surely as Islam or Catholicism. Indeed, it a fundamentalist form of religion and not just the Sunday-morning-hour-in-church type.

It goes beyond the normal range of affection for one’s own country we find in most places. It is far fiercer and more demanding. And I believe dangerous because all fierce, fundamentalist religions are dangerous, without exception.

It is a secular religion, but it is no less intense in its beliefs or replete with myths and legends.

It has its own holy writ with documents like the Declaration and Constitution, documents which in many details are as outdated and backward as Leviticus.

It has its own Commandments, the Bill of Rights.

It has its own temples and monuments. Washington is packed with them.

It has a whole list of secular saints from Jefferson to Lincoln, many of them having great public alters.

It has its own version of Jesus and Satan in Washington and Benedict Arnold.

It has its own regularly repeated mumbo-jumbo stuff, its version of the Apostles’ Creed, in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star-Spangled Banner.

And then there’s that strange tenet of faith called “original intent,” as though a group of slave-holding planters from backwater locations more than two centuries ago had a direct revelation from God of eternal truths.

There’s even something combining elements of the Last Supper and Jesus in the desert with Satan. It’s called Valley Forge.

Well, I don’t care if people embrace any religion. It’s their business, so long as it doesn’t hurt others.

But that’s exactly what is wrong about the American Civic Religion, as it was nick-named by a clever Irish scholar some decades back, it does have the effect of hurting others.

Others are hurt in all the pointless imperial wars abroad. And people, terribly afflicted by those very wars as today’s refugees from the Syria and Libya America worked to destroy, are given no help and often maligned.

It’s much the same with making any real progress of rights and freedoms and democracy inside the country, too. Look how long it took to give millions even a degree of equal rights. Concepts like Original Intent and States’ Rights kept black Americans without any rights for a century after the Civil War.

There is a fundamental problem in trying to maintain a world empire and in trying to have a decent society. It actually cannot be done.

But faith in the American Civic Religion is just what mightily assists the imperial machine and keeps it going. Blind believers following an establishment which couldn’t care less about their lives or welfare, in many ways resembling poor believing peasants in Europe deeply revering the Pope as he conducted his wars and infamies.

Trump was elected in part over a concern in society that America’s establishment had become a self-perpetuating machine, conducting endless wars abroad and ignoring its own people. And that was, and remains, an accurate perception.

But nothing can really change so long as Patriotism in America is virtually exactly the same thing as Ultra-orthodoxy in Israel.




John Chuckman



Pretty good piece.

But there is a major flaw in starting from the question, “So, in the end, who was there first?”

You are playing Israel’s own crooked game by even trying to answer.

The fact is that that is a totally irrelevant question for any territory or country you care to name.

Should Turkey be Greek owing to the Trojan War three thousand years ago?

Should Israel be Lebanese owing to the ancient Phoenicians who were there before Hebrews?

If you want to get ridiculous, you could say Europe belongs to descendants with Neanderthal genes (and there are such).

What possibly could be more ridiculous than basing anything in modern affairs on words from old manuscripts which speak of turning a woman into salt and a big fish swallowing a man?

It’s not only intellectually obtuse, it is guaranteed formula for conflict.

The fact is that the people running and populating most of today’s Israel are of European descent, the Ashkenazi.

Their native language, Yiddish, is related to German, and their food and physical culture point to central and eastern Europe – Latkes, schmaltz, bagels, etc. None of it is Middle Eastern.

DNA testing indicates two origins. One, a group arising near Italy about a thousand years ago which migrated north into Germany. Other tests support the old Khazars hypothesis, a people from around Ukraine about a thousand years ago.

At some point, it seems clear that the Hebrews became evangelical, seeing the immense success of Christianity which started as an obscure Hebrew cult. The two groups above both were converts.

Ashkenazi DNA shows some admixture of Semite people, but that is to be expected with movements in and out of various Jewish groups over the centuries.

The Hebrew language, except among some scholars and religious students, died. It was artificially revived by modern Israel.

The bottom line is that the Ashkenazi of Israel are not descendants of the Hebrews.

Indeed, the great irony is that the Palestinians have the best claim to that title. The Romans who were excellent record keepers recorded no expulsion of Jews in the conquest of the Holy Land. Indeed, it was not their habit to expel local populations in their various conquests.

The whole story of the wandering Jews of the last two thousand years is a myth, as complete a myth as Jonah being swallowed by a big fish or Noah and the Ark.

The Hebrews in Palestine themselves suffered conquests, conversions, and migrations, but that body of people is as close as we have to the ancient Hebrews.



John Chuckman



“The left per definition lacks self-insight — the moderate leftist has little to no idea of how far his serious fellow leftist is willing to go, similar to how the moderate Muslim denies how far the serious Muslim is willing to go.”

Truly, the words of an idiot.

That is a confession of understanding nothing, absolutely nothing.

You see, this whole controversy brings out the blockheads, on all sides.

The problem is not Left and Right.

The problem is blockheads arguing over what they do not understand.

There is one real villain in the piece and that America’s corporate establishment, and believe me, they ain’t “liberal’ or “left” or anything else but insanely driven for profit and control and supported by America’s cancerous military and security services.


John Chuckman



“Donald Trump claims Barack Obama ordered wiretap on Trump Tower, but provides no evidence”

I don’t think there is any reason to doubt this.

For those who’ve studied Obama over the years, secretiveness and a kind of opaque quality in his public character – despite the big boyish smile – are distinguishing characteristics.

Past colleagues, as at the University of Chicago where he taught but was not a professor, have made this quality very clear. Not sociable at all outside of the face put on for politics. Same for dinner at the White House.

Some people have long speculated on whether Obama was CIA, as was very much the case for George Bush pere. There are unexplained openings in his resume, there is his secretiveness, and the CIA is known to recruit or support highly prospective politicians as he was viewed early in Chicago.

The CIA loves having “made men” in office, anywhere it can get them. It has long had a number of European and Latin American politicians receiving “pensions.”

Of course, it just happens to be the case that elements at CIA are now clearly working against Trump. Obama would be a handy helper, just as papers like The Washington Post and New York Times very much are, both papers having long histories of involvement and support for CIA projects.

He also appears to have a somewhat psychopathic character with lots of superficial charm when he chooses to turn it on and yet the ability to regularly kill. He instituted the CIA’s extrajudicial killing-by-drone program, and he has signed off on countless “kill orders” placed in the Oval Office in-box.

Just speculations, but informed and interesting ones. He is definitely not the straightforward, charming bright boy figure so many people seem to believe he is. Something else, much darker, is there for sure.

John Chuckman



The hatchet jobs against NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden keep on coming with a new book whose author says he applied James Angleton’s counterintelligence techniques to Snowden

Edward Epstein has been in bed with CIA his entire career.

He wrote, many years ago, a trio of books on the Kennedy assassination: Inquest, Counterplot, and Legend

The first of them questioned some limited aspects of the Warren Commission, gaining “creds” for Epstein among assassination critics.

But the next two books are virtually unreadable by anyone well-informed on the matter.

Epstein proceeded to support all the key findings of the Warren Commission. He also proceeded to attempt destroying Oswald as a person.

It is an old intelligence trick. Give something to establish your creds, then proceed to do what you really want to do. A pat on the back just before a violent kick in the ass.

If you look back at the publications in which Epstein was typically published, you’ll find the kind of outfits CIA used to secretly subsidize and use as outlets for disinformation.

The CIA had a whole stable of well-known magazines and publications in the United States and abroad it used as outlets for people like Epstein.

So, here’s Epstein in his old age once again doing what he does best, write scripts for the CIA.

John Chuckman



“Donald Trump has evolved from being a conspiracy-theory candidate to a conspiracy-theory president

Trump’s roots in the conspiracy theory world go deep”

What a tiresome offering from Chris Cillizza.

Just a pile of clichés of a certain coloration. Actually, they are not even clichés because clichés are truths, although very stale ones.

As I’ve written before, any piece using the term “conspiracy-theory” should immediately raise a red flag for readers.

This term was manufactured by CIA publicity people as a put-down for Americans seeking honest information about dark, unexplained events like John Kennedy’s assassination.

It has been dutifully perpetuated and re-validated by the corporate press ever since. I believe we’ve seen something like half a dozen pieces in The Independent in the last year or so using the term as a central point.

I see this piece of rubbish comes from The Washington Post.

That is a newspaper which has a long record of being in the CIA’s pocket. Their record over the last half century is much the equivalent of the old Pravda in the USSR.

It has never told the American people anything they needed to know, and it has told them a great many lies.

Moreover, now it is owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, big supporter of Hillary and long a vest-pocket associate of CIA.

One of his earliest acts on buying the paper was to gather 20 reporters into a team to go out and get all the dirt on Trump they could find.

Well, they pretty much failed, so the paper went ahead with series of fake news stories like the one from the former MI6 spy who served as a paid private detective for a rich American of unknown identity.

None of it worked, but it helped kick up a lot of blinding dust..

By the way, Bezos, owner of the journalistic streetwalker otherwise known as The Washington Post, recently signed a huge contract for Amazon services to CIA, on the order of $600 million.

I don’t know about you, but I do feel a certain lack of propriety in getting “news” from sources like that.

John Chuckman



“Patience: Trump Is Waiting For the Right Time to Purge Washington’s ‘Power Ministries’”

I very much hope the author is right, but I am not at all sure that he is.

Trump is clearly under attack from elements of the security establishment.

The endless whining of Democrats and a self-righteous and irresponsible press, which feels displaced in its privileges, Trump can take with no trouble. He has an exceptionally strong mental and emotional constitution and amazing energy for a man of his age.

But the security forces are another matter. The CIA is loaded with bright psychopaths with access to virtually endless resources, restrained by little accountability, endowed with a quasi-religious sense of purpose as though coming from God, and possessing, as with all psychopaths, no conscience or ethics whatever.

Of course, we have the old-boy networks in the State Department, too, and those are people who work hand-in-glove with CIA in embassies abroad. Trump has culled a small number, but there are likely hundreds of questionable figures in significant positions.

The Democrats and the press – and now I include huge hi-tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon as a new hybrid branch of the press as well as cooperative partners with CIA – give the weirdos at Langley lots of contacts and support.

The situation much resembles when an undercover spy abroad works on building a local network. In this case, there already is in place a vast and well-resourced network.

If the author’s analysis is valid, we must see the $54 billion giveaway to the already-bloated Pentagon as something with which to buy the military’s loyalty as he comes gradually to confront “the enemy within.”

But any such scenario does sound more like a novel from someone like Robert Ludlum than what usually goes on in Washington. It means really big fireworks ahead.

But I really am quickly coming to the conclusion Trump is going to change nothing much worth changing.

America will go right on trying to order around everyone on the planet, fighting and killing just to change some situations its establishment doesn’t approve of, spending countless billions on a trouble-making military and security establishment which is itself far more of a genuine threat to what Americans like to think their country is about than any imaginable threat from abroad.

Democracy and freedom and human rights cannot, absolutely cannot, flourish in a vast garrison-security state. You do not get Thomas Paine in East Germany with the Stasi.

Trump, in my eyes, is coming to resemble Obama redux, only with a decidedly different tone.

“The swamp” – which very much includes the Pentagon and the psychopaths in Langley, Virginia, – is far more treacherous than Trump or his followers ever imagined.

Meanwhile, nothing he has done – outside of his personal war with the corporate press and stirring up a lot of unhappiness around migrants, neither of which is of any immediate concern or help to average Americans or to peace in the world – is much different to what – ugh! – Hillary Clinton might have done.

More money to the bloated Pentagon.

Threaten Iran.

Threaten China.

Keep up tensions with Russia.

Keep the horror in Syria going.

Give the war criminal leading Israel whatever he wants.

So far, absolutely nothing of consequence for the American people.

It is all very disheartening, tending to confirm the idea that America is ungovernable, fat and layered, as it is, with privileged and unaccountable classes and groups who bend its wealth and influence to serve only their own interests.

I dearly hope I’m wrong, but I am not a religious or ideological person who sets hopes for things which likely cannot be. I believe what I see and experience.

John Chuckman



“Unelected husband of Ivanka Trump sat down with Sergey Kislyak for ’20 minutes’ “

Even if this were one of those rare times that you got your facts right, the obvious response from a thinking person is, “So what?”

Russia is part of the world in case you hadn’t noticed.

And a rather important one. Becoming more so.

We want people to talk to each other, not huddle in dark corners making paranoid guesses about each other.

This stuff is sick, 1950s’ McCarthyite demonization.

It almost reminds me of events, some years ago, down in the Bible Belt of the United States – which includes places where millions actually do believe that the Second Coming is coming soon.

The Procter and Gamble corporation had a lovely traditional logo of a moon and stars, quite charming. But the “Second Coming” crowd decided that it represented devil worship and conducted a big, intense campaign against the company.

Oh, and the same fate befell J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books in that neck of the woods. They were removed from some libraries and schools.

The world, sadly, has great numbers of blindly-unthinking people, and that’s the main audience for all of this utterly stupid Russia-contact, Russia-hack, Putin-Trump rubbish.

America, despite its immense power in the world and its hi-technology and appearance of modernity, has an inordinate number of such people. Many in Britain, with no first-hand experience, might actually be shocked at the extent.

John Chuckman



“US media turn screw on Donald Trump administration with fresh reports of Russia links”

Who is in the least concerned with whether someone in the administration spoke to a Russian? Good God, it’s a country just as any other. There, indeed, should be good communications.

This Russian business has become even a more extended and vicious campaign of McCarthyism than The Independent’s and Guardian’s vicious attacks on Corbyn over non-existent “anti-Semitism.”

This entire matter is a joke, a dark joke, but it keeps being given new life.

I believe that is because elements of the security services are working towards the same goals as the endlessly-whining Democrats.

After all, many senior people there go back to the last several administrations. And outfits like CIA have been deeply involved in dirt stuff like Syria and the Ukraine coup. We know that for a fact.

Some of them want to protect the fruits of their dirty work of recent years and undoubtedly see Trump as a threat.

And that makes this more than a bad joke.

Government by unaccountable officials?

That is an idea far more immediately dangerous than anything possible from Russia. And I believe it is real.

Nevertheless, there is a joke aspect in the constant repetition of the vague expression about “Russia hacking the American election.”

That phrase plays on the general public’s ignorance deliberately. Voting machines cannot be hacked from abroad. It cannot happen.

As for the idea Russia supplied WikiLeaks the information that helped sink crooked Hillary, that is even more bitterly funny.

Everyone involved has said that is not so. Indeed, to a certainty, the information was leaked from an insider, likely a Democrat, one candidate for the work now being dead.

But, to my mind, that is neither here nor there.

The information was not about American security. The information was exactly the kind of stuff some good investigative journalists, were there any such thing anymore, might have uncovered.

Notes and letters between individuals in a private organization, individuals discussing their own corrupt behaviors.

So, what are clowns like Schumer and Pelosi endlessly going on about?

We don’t agree that this man should have been elected.

Only that and nothing more.

John Chuckman



EU Parliament Votes in Favor of Waiving Le Pen’s Immunity

Ridiculous act from a ridiculous body of politicians.

Her intention in making a strong statement against the horrors of ISIS could not be clearer, and that was a valid thing for a conscientious politician to do.

Instead of just accepting the fact, we have the deliberate misapplication of a law intended for entirely different purposes, and we have a wishy-washy group of EU politicians violating basic principles free speech to suspend her immunity and make her vulnerable to the misapplied law.

Of course, it is all about stopping her rise to power, having nothing whatever to do with any moral or ethical principle pretended.

Is it any wonder that the EU is crumbling before our eyes? That so many hold it in some degree of contempt?

It has no leadership anywhere worthy of the title.

And it seems to have little purpose anymore beyond assisting the United States in dominating Europe with its anti-Russian and anti-good sense policies.

John Chuckman



“Israeli Forces Hit Hamas Targets in Response to Cross-Border Shooting”

Response to cross-border shooting?

Who knows, but with Israel you can almost bet it didn’t happen or was contrived to give an excuse to bomb Hamas.

Israel hates Hamas, not because it is a terrorist organization, but because it represents a kind of political cohesiveness Israel does not want to see for the Palestinians.

It also has a democratic history, and Israel hates all democracies anywhere near its borders (while always pretending otherwise).

Israel likes the completely unelected Abbas, the unelected King of Saudi Arabia, the unelected current president of Egypt, the King of Jordan (under Israel’s thumb), and others.

Israel is effectively a force for the suppression of democracy in the region.

And it is so simply because it knows the views of most neighboring populations are not admiring.

John Chuckman



 “Former US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has called for a “transformation” of his political party to win more support among the American public.”

Bernie is dreaming in Technicolor.

The Democratic Party is beyond becoming what he paints word pictures of.

It is a representative of the power establishment and totally dependent on that establishment.

But there is this consolation.

The Republican Party is mired in the just same place.

One man does not change a thing like the Republican Party.

Besides, the two parties are not the establishments, just useful tools.

And with each passing day it becomes clearer that Trump himself is being sucked into the same establishment.

Amazing parallels with Obama.

Trump’s press thing is an entertaining show only. It’s real, but it is surface not substance, being itself a reflection of changes underway with technological change in the news industry and aspects of Trump’s own personality.

Look at where the serious money is going.

$54 billion more dollars for America’s already immensely-bloated military?

Nothing about any kind of change in that.

The proposal could have been made by Hillary.

You create and sustain a massive military/security apparatus like America’s, and it takes on a life of its own.

And that’s where the American establishment’s real power is seen and felt, day-in, day-out.

You cannot run a huge empire and also a decent traditional society. It cannot be done. And whether the society has a superficial right or left tone makes absolutely no difference.

It’s like talking about Pepsi or Coke being best or being important in human affairs.

John Chuckman



Response to another reader’s comment about globalization, migration, and automation having made Labour’s traditional purpose a thing of the past.

Very true, however what really matters with leadership is not slogans or platforms.

It is integrity.

I think Corbyn has it.

Blair and his acolytes lack it entirely.

The truth is we are in a state of constant change now owing to technology.

No slogan or platform can alter that.

And it will only get worse.

But the people making decisions through that change remain important, at least at this stage of evolution.

My idea of a leader is the person who can be trusted with making decisions from a perspective which is large.

The Tony Blairs of this world are quite the opposite. Dishonest, bought-and-paid-for, and willing to be ruthless enough to see millions die.



John Chuckman



“Breitbart News Network, accused of being a mouthpiece for xenophobes, racists and misogynists – and thrown into the spotlight this week by the resignation of its poster boy Milo Yiannopoulos for remarks on paedophilia – is so right wing it makes Fox News look like the BBC. Now that its former boss Steve Bannon is Trump’s chief strategist, nothing stands between its extremist stance and US presidential policy.”

There is no such thing as an unbiased press, always and everywhere.

Whoever pays for a press organization plus whoever feeds it information – those are the people whose interests are served by the organization.

There are no exceptions.

If you read only The Independent or only The New York Times or only Pravda, you will, to a certainty, be misinformed on certain important matters.

Saying anything else is just pure fantasy.

So, in a sense, the critics of new press organizations like Breitbart are correct – it is biased – but they are also wrong because everything else you can possibly read is also biased.

The critics are telling a partial truth, a partial truth being by its very nature not the truth at all.

That is the fundamental reason why the whole “fake news” controversy is itself fake. It’s just a new slogan from one of several biased sources attacking others.

You know the old warning about how nothing is actually free, no matter what the advertising claims say otherwise?

Well, it is exactly the same with accurate information. No one is offering it to you free, or even at the very modest price of a daily newspaper. Just think of the great cost of higher education or superb skills training of any kind.

Information, accurate information, is costly, and not always being measured in currency. It is often measured in the hard effort needed to obtain it.

The only way a conscientious individual can try to be informed, on either politically sensitive or international policy matters, is to read, or listen to, a significant variety of sources.

You must then interpolate, taking into account what each of them is trying hide or feature, and judge roughly where truth is.

It is much what a juror must do in a criminal trial, listening to two sides make arguments in opposite directions. The juror judges everything from the tone of voice to the facial expressions to determine who may be telling truth.

Lawyers know, too, and quite famously, that eyewitnesses are often highly undependable, peoples’ perceptions and mental abilities to process them varying greatly, to say nothing of vast differences in the quality of memories. Yet jurors still must make a determination in a trial based at least in part on what they say.

As a citizen, you are in a sense a juror in a trial, the trial of the veracity of your own press and your own government.

We all understand that government does many things for which it has no mandate from the people. And we all understand that the commercial press almost always supports a government in these deceptive acts.

If you look back, you’ll have a hard time finding press organizations who worked against Tony Blair’s criminal invasion and mass murder. And the same for Lyndon Johnson when he first started the holocaust in Vietnam (eventually, about 3 million Vietnamese were slaughtered, and for nothing but embracing the wrong loyalty).

By the way, the method for getting at approximate truth would be the same even if you were getting information directly from folks like CIA or MI6, organizations which also have tremendous bias and always use their privileged positions to influence their audience of high government officials in the direction they want them to go.

So-called “big intelligence” is infamous both for offering what it knows high government officials want to hear and for using their intimate access to advocate for things they themselves desire. There is simply no known way of avoiding this inevitable set of behaviors.

That is one of the reasons why Trump does not hold these people in quite the same regard as they themselves think that they should be held. The truth is, President Kennedy felt exactly the same way about the CIA. He just didn’t have the kind of personality Trump has, one which just blurts out what he is thinking.

We have many historical examples demonstrating the fact of security service bias and dishonesty -e.g., the CIA during the height of the Cold War never got its annual estimates of the USSR even close to right. The reason: they always wanted large increases in budget for themselves and for the armed forces, and they got them.

Honest journalism? It simply does not exist. Free press? A wise man in America said many decades ago that the only way to have a free press is to own one.


John Chuckman



Contrary to followers of the American Civic Religion – people otherwise known as Patriots – who embrace America’s Constitution as a document of almost scriptural perfection, I’ve long believed that it was written containing many flaws and mistakes.

Or, to put the best possible face on it, America’s Constitution was written in a time (1787) immensely different in character to our own and by men whose interests – including, importantly, rich slaveholding planters – were not those of the majority of people even then, let alone now.

Over time, a few flaws have been corrected – e.g., the election, rather than appointment, of Senators in 1913. Although even with that change, the method of election deliberately maintains some of the characteristics of the original appointment provision, as with the election of Senators being staggered in such a fashion as to protect that powerful body from being held accountable to public opinion at any given time.

But many flaws remain, such as the antiquated and anti-democratic Electoral College, the Founders, most of them by their own admissions, being no admirers of democracy.

I’ve always included the Constitution’s designation of the President as Commander-in-Chief as one of these flaws, a very serious one.

The Founders felt safe, as a balancing measure, giving Congress the sole power to declare war, but that has become an irrelevant provision.

None of America’s wars – colonial dirty wars, virtually every one of them – is started by formal declaration of Congress.

John Chuckman



“These are the shocking new powers police will have under Trump’s immigration measures” 

Sorry, but this author doesn’t know what she is writing about.

Police powers in the United States are, and have long been, frightening and extreme. That is nothing new.

Police kill about 1,100 people in the streets every year, plus wound many others, and there are almost no consequences for any of them, including those who shoot people in the back.

American police also ruthlessly employ RICO laws (anti-organized crime laws) to seize people’s personal effects, even when they are not the products of criminal activity. And they often do not return them.

They also routinely send in the armored guys in black suits to break down people’s front doors, sometimes in the middle of the night, ordering everyone to hit the floor and leaving them terrified. They do this sometimes on a mere malicious false tip about drugs. There’s even a word for doing this to someone as a dirty joke. It is called “swatting.”

Wake up to the fact that America is an extremely brutal place. I grew up there. I know.

That’s why the country is hyped and ready, at any time, to start some new killing abroad. Americans think nothing of it.

John Chuckman



“Homicides In 4 Cities Are Spiking to The Highest Levels In 20 Years”

I don’t pretend to know all of the causes, but I know for a fact that a majority of this violent activity is black-on-black. The statistics tell us this.

It is likely motivated by the drug trade and protection of territories.

Street drugs like heroin have increased markedly, and that reflects one thing primarily.

It is America’s war in Afghanistan, largely pointless and highly destructive, which has tremendously boosted the flow of heroin. We know this from a number of sources.

So, you can probably thank the US Army and the CIA.

Talk about Muslims being responsible, as I see in comments above, is completely uninformed and badly prejudiced.

The Taleban had drugs completely under control in Afghanistan before the US stupidly invaded, achieving nothing but a lot of death and whole new waves of drugs. After all, American official finance some of their operations off the books this way, and they also encourage various allied groups to assist by overlooking their drug activity.

It is just one more example of the in-built conflict between being a world imperial power pushing everyone around and having a government which concerns itself about its own people and having a decent society.

I had hoped Trump would be able to remedy some of America’s pointless imperial violence abroad, but it is beginning to look as though he’ll fail.

The unaccountable powers in Washington are that great, and they have almost unlimited resources.

John Chuckman



“Moscow has managed to break the chain of color revolutions in the Middle East, the Russian defense minister said

The so-called “color revolutions” and the Neocon wars demonstrate that America has learned how to apply dirty tricks to world affairs on a grand scale.

It is a very disheartening development.

But we know even from ordinary life that there are people among us who only want to hurt and destroy, people with various mental disorders.

Most laws in most places work to restrain such people.

But now we have an unbelievably well-financed institution like CIA which not only employs such people, they do so on a large scale and in many countries.

Free rein for the kind of sick people every human population produces in some proportion while supplying them all the resources and encouragement needed.

Actually, one might think the original model for this came from Israel, a place which has done nothing but attack and abuse those who disagree with it for over half a century.

But, of course, it is always possible to forget what Israel really is. It is an American colony in the Middle East, nothing more but nothing less. It has been so since the beginning, serving much the same purposes British colonies in the region served in the days of the Raj.

The colony has also served as a kind of large-scale experiment in warfare and in the control of large hostile native populations, yielding many useful lessons for America’s power establishment, the kind of lessons militaries learn from testing new weapons and tactics in regional interventions, lessons to be applied later to larger theaters.

It is truly possible that a very dark age lies ahead in world affairs.

And I am sorry to say that in the case of the United States, the man I had hoped might be able to put a stop to some of it is starting to look as though he will fail, utterly.

Rather than draining the swamp, Trump seems to be drowning in it.

John Chuckman



It does appear that what so many hoped for from Trump may be slipping away, and by that I mean obtaining peace.

Rather than Trump draining the swamp, we have signs now that he is barely able to keep head above the water.

Going on about the press, however correct he may be, and spending huge efforts on the almost meaningless matter of temporarily banning migrants from certain countries is a bit like worrying about a scratch when you have blood throbbing from a wound somewhere else.

I very much hope I’m wrong, but there can be no good interpretation of this matter of Bolton or indeed of several other recent actions.

Threatening Iran? Giving the murderous Netanyahu a free ride? Sending troops to Syria? Recent events in Yemen?

And here we have one of most notorious Neocons being looked at for a post, and for a second time?

Bolton is one nasty piece of work, comparable in every way with Victoria Nuland. They breathe hate and death.

Simply not good, any of it.

John Chuckman



“Donald Trump can criticise the ‘mainstream media’ all he likes, the press will continue to do its job brilliantly”

Rupert Cornwell, if that is doing things brilliantly, well, then you must be one of our great political writers.

But your record speaks for itself, actually rather shabby, a life of scribbling propaganda and calling it political analysis.

In fact, the corporate press is suffering its worst time in ages. The industry, a mature one, is plainly in economic decline. In some cases, it plainly doesn’t have the resources to do the job well, as by having numerous foreign correspondents as it once had, even if doing the job well were its aim.

At the same time, new technology and new means of advertising are driving the creation and growth of new models for the distribution of news on the Internet.

In addition, the declining corporate press has been found openly colluding with various special interests, which sure removes the shine that supposedly comes with the word journalism. And even a child can see that it has acted out of immense negative bias against Trump.

There is almost no such thing as journalism and journalistic principles anymore in America or in much of Europe – that’s clear to many, not just Trump supporters.

The days of the Cold War also gave the press a special protective and nurturing environment, an environment of the forces of darkness versus the forces of light, the press being widely regarded as part of the forces of light.

That is gone, although the United States’ establishment – always including the corporate press as an intimate part of that establishment – is trying with its every fiber to re-create it, realizing what it has lost in many spheres, from unquestioned authority and playing the role of good guy – getting the role of Jimmy Stewart opposing Yuri Andropov – to facing new forms of competition. For the power establishment, peace and peaceful competition are not always the same good things most humans being accept them to be.

Who wants, people in Washington ask themselves, people in Europe using Russian natural gas or reading RT? And, so, ipso facto, Obama’s regrettable legacy of re-kindling the Cold War with everything from a shameless coup against a democratic government in Ukraine to tanks rumbling through Europe’s villages and towns to be emplaced threateningly in entrenchments on the Russian border and charming enforcers like Victoria “Fuck Europe!” Nuland being given high posts of influence there.

Well, that wasn’t even true then, as we know from the existence of things like unreported and unquestioned dark operations by a totally unethical CIA, everything from the civilian killings in Western Europe under Operation Gladio to the relentless terror conducted against Cuba or the manipulation of elections in Europe by secret payments to leaders and parties and to the over-throw by coups of even democratic governments not to America’s liking – all went unreported and unquestioned.

And it certainly not true now, perhaps, the only big difference being that now much of the activity has been exposed to the bright light of day. On the domestic front, things like the release of the DNC e-mails provide the kind of investigative reporting we’ve never experienced before from all those self-congratulatory journalists of yesteryear. On the international front, CIA allied dirty operations, like those in Syria, are actually being exposed to the light by news sources from abroad.

The days of the heroic journalistic duo in All the President’s Men are gone, completely gone. The book today almost seems a silly story on a level with “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” yet in its day, it seemed anything but. To my mind nothing better demonstrates some of the underlying and fundamental changes that have taken place.

It wasn’t Trump’s doing, but he is sure putting a high seal of approval on the fact, and lots of people are applauding. His approach, as at press conferences where the old privileged gang is feeling discomfort, will help speed the change underway towards something new, making him a genuine agent of change.

Journalism for the corporate press is a profession in dismal decline, having in most cases reduced itself willingly to paid publicity flacks and propagandists for the state.

Something entirely fresh is emerging using the new technology and forms of advertising. Its complete form is not yet clear, but it will deal the death blow to your industry, just as surely as Amazon ended local bookstores.

I don’t know whether it will be better or not – all great changes come not without drawbacks and flaws as viewed from some perspective – but I applaud its coming because your crowd has been shown to be utterly without principle and are well gone with your false assumptions and unwarranted privileges.

John Chuckman



“Recent events make it likely that Labour will win both seats in the by-elections next week, meaning Jeremy Corbyn will remain leader – a disaster for the Labour Party”

How does John Rentoul manage to keep employed as a columnist?

Somehow in Rentouland – just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road from Cloudcuckooland – winning by-elections is bad for a party, a party which should instead be working to rid itself of its present leadership.

Well, I do know the answer to my own question.

Because The Independent just salivates about bringing the disgusting Tony Blair – in the form of one of his acolytes if not himself in the flesh – back to power, and writers like John Rentoul do the yeoman’s work of writing-up pages of lame arguments in favor of it.

That moral pigmy and complete sell-out to special interests, Blair, gets almost daily coverage in the paper, as do some of his cult followers.

Blair’s recent insane speech about the public rising-up against Brexit and stopping it – such words from the very man who ignored the greatest peace demonstrations in British history to charge ahead in his secret partnership with Bush to destroy Iraq – was given embarrassing over-exposure by the paper with many images on the same page as links to the same dreary stuff, as though it were statesmanlike material of the greatest possible importance being featured.

And why does anyone in the least wonder that Trump attacks the corporate press?

John Chuckman



“Bernie Sanders says Donald Trump administration is ‘totalitarian'”

And, please, what has he done that can possibly be so characterized?

Bernie, each time you open your mouth anymore, you prove only how unfit you were for the presidency.

But the corporate press likes featuring you as part of its attacks on Trump.

Why? Because you have an appealing public personality with a sympathetic, avuncular presence.

Have you forgotten Hillary stole her nomination from you?

Wasn’t that theft a blow at the very roots of democratic government? How can you say otherwise?

Trump was elected under the rules, and he is only using the authorities granted him by lifetime politicians like you and like Hillary and like Obama and like Bill Clinton.

You guys could have re-written the rules long ago, but you chose not to because the Democratic Party benefitted from them.

John Chuckman



‘Trump Declares CNN, NYT, CBS, ABC And NBC Are “The Enemy of The American People”’

Well, of course, it is an exaggeration.

But not such an exaggeration as to be untrue.

Constantly misinforming people about important matters is a very pernicious practice.

It certainly does not support democracy or respect for rights or good government. It does support secrecy, bad government decisions, and a sense of privilege in a class of people.

However, the corporate press only does what it does because of a long history of encouragement and cooperation with government. There have even been demands by government at times.

And there has always been a filthy underground relationship between the press and security services like CIA. Trump has just been stung by that very thing.

America has a fundamental lack of honesty in all of its national institutions. Not too much can change unless that underlying reality is changed.

The reason for that is that every government, no matter which party, is doing things for which the people never voted. Indeed, it is often doing things that hurt or disadvantage ordinary people, including wars, coups, dark operations, and supporting tyrants and monarchs of every description.

Since WWII the United States has been almost continuously at war. None of it was about defense. None of it was in the interests of the American people as a whole. None of it brought any benefits to ordinary Americans. All of it wasted immense wealth and plenty of lives. And all of it was about the insider ruling establishment enjoying the game of pushing people around all over the planet.

We all know the clichéd stories of Europe’s privileged classes in the 17th or 18th century. A peasant who was in the road in front of a Duke’s carriage became “roadkill.” What too many Americans do not in the least understand is that that is exactly how their government behaves abroad. Exactly. That’s why the same flag many Americans honor at home is literally hated abroad as a symbol of violence and oppression.

What the press has done has helped this all to happen, but it didn’t happen because of the press. It happened because of government after government serving the narrow interests of the power establishment. But that is the environment which helped “grow” the terrible press that America has.

And that utterly bent press has treated Donald Trump with that same attitude carried over. He has been viewed as a threat to the power establishment and its dirty little insider games of re-ordering the planet for its benefit and to its liking.

You cannot have it both ways, be a world empire and a decent country at home. The two realities are utterly incompatible, and I’m not sure that most Americans truly understand that.

It will be an immense task to change enough in America’s government to even begin to undoing the behavior of the press and other institutions.

I wish the President well in the effort, but it is a task for the gods.